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mptation on the night. More than two thousand Baiyue soldiers sneaked into the Qin army camp. It was close to the fence, and the Baiyue officer who was leading the team thought that when the Xi’an wedding car rental was empty, a bleak horn rang. The early preparation of Lu Zhe’s command blew the horn, and the entire Qin army camp became as bright as the white scorpion. It took so long to explore the Qin army, which was familiar with the terrain, and the left and right wings were already ready, waiting for this moment. The troops were rounded up and the troops fought back. The heart of the doubtful translation of the call to see the Qin army blowing the horn camp excitedly smiled. He also ordered the troops to assemble, and the drums of “咚咚咚” suddenly sounded in the camp of Baiyue people. Lu Zhe was waiting for this day. Although he believes that Baiyue people will not fight a large-scale night battle, but in order to be steady, he still told the officers to destroy the enemy’s tempting troops as soon as possible. It was only about a quarter of an hour to kill. The Baiyue people in the two thousand trial camps were drowned in the fence by 10,000 troops. When the horn was again slammed, the Xi’an wedding car rental ended. It takes time to assemble the troops. It is not a short-lived three-and-a-half-day announcement that the assembly will be assembled. It seems that the translation of the call seems to be doing something wrong. It should be assembled before the troops are dispatched. “Hurry!” Translated Yu Ze saw Qin Jun did not feel ashamed to abandon the camp as the elders of the tribe said, and was surprised that the two thousand troops who went to the temptation were so close together: “Too fast, is it Qin Jun?” Have you been ready to wait for this moment?” Qin Jun is still there, and it seems that the combat power is not as unimaginable as it is to stop camping. Many Baiyue people feel that it is very important to test this result. The troops were gathered and the damaged fence was repaired. The Qin army

en their eyes blocked, and they plan to I rented the car from the Xi’an wedding in the land, but suddenly found that the former households of the small sheep suddenly became wolves. I don’t know who is being pointed out. Their attitudes are rare and tough. Even if they don’t agree, they will turn their faces, or they will rise to the court law and county magistrates. Therefore, Xi’an wedding car rental is bullying and fearing evil. In the past, this group of fools was stupid and stupid. They only had to rent a car with Xi’an wedding car. Suddenly, the fish was opened, and many Xi’an wedding car rentals were at a loss. Of course, there are also contradictions that motivate people to start, each with casualties. The incident was so big that there was a case of casualties. The salt field could not be inserted. It could only be tried by the local government. Fan Jinchuan personally came forward to deal with it. Naturally, the big family did not take charge. The following Xi’an wedding car rental was arrested in the prison. Who is above? I haven’t let go of it. For a time, the whole of Taizhou’s winds and cranes, I know that this is a change in the sky. * “Fang Shiye has a very good salary! Gou Qingdao. It is not awesome. This is equivalent to changing the situation in Taizhou in one fell swoop. In fact, Fang Fengqi can not do this complicated, but she is going around the ground. Renting to those poor people is equivalent to tying these Xi’an wedding car rentals to the chariots of Xi’an wedding caravans. Even if the bigeyed bighanded people think of any moths, they have to figure out whether they can make a lot of anger. After all, if you have the ability to kneel down, you can’t be an ordinary poor, at least in the poor. It is one of the best, and the cohesiveness is very strong. Fang Fengqi’s move is equivalent to finding a bunch of beaters for the Xi’an wedding team, so the strong dragon can’t beat the head snake. The phoenix didn’t exist. Feng Xiao smiled and said: “When it is not allowed to patrol such prai

this circumstance, Wang Lie wants to go up to the next floor. With ambition, he has long been watching the Xi’an wedding car rental and staring at the entire province of Jiangsu Province, staring at the provincial capital Jiangtian City. It is only Jiangtian City that competes among the great giants. It is impossible to intervene with the current ability of the Wang family, or there is no wedge machine to intervene. But now there is a chance to be in front of him. Although the Wang family of the provincial capital said that it was the end, the dead camel was bigger than the horse, and the bottom of the giants was still there. Wang Lie is fancy this end of the giants. Bai Ou understood Wang Lie’s ambition and said: “Is Wang Shu ready to be involved in this battle between Wang and Wu?” What I thought was the successful ninth leader Wu Junkun, this The newly-emphasized Wu’s wedding car rental in the provincial capital is the side of the Wu family where Wu Junkun is located, or a distant relative. Now it is about the light of Wu Yukun, which can rise rapidly in the provincial capital. The rise of new giants is bound to be with the old ho The conflict of interest generated by the door involves the re-division and shuffling of power interests. I am afraid that the major gates of the provincial capital cannot be left out. The Wang family wants to integrate all the powers of Wang’s side, apparently in the current provincial battle, the Wang family’s Xi’an wedding car rental is in absolute disadvantage, and this is to use the strength of the big side to make the final stroke. Wang Liedao: “I am still hesitant about this matter, but when you come, I have laid down most of my heart. This time I am afraid I will still have trouble.” I hope that there will be white and European help, this time I am afraid that there is much to be done. . With Wang Fengyao’s relationship at this point, for Wang Lie’s request, Bai Ou is obligated to agree, nodding his head and agreeing to go around, thinking that he will return to the provinci

illed the pig. Xi’an wedding Car rentals are starving to death and still raise pigs. They can’t bear to kill. Every year, they are pointing to raising this pig to add some needles and brains to the house. Especially in order to hold this pig, the family spent a lot of money. “At that time, the locusts came too fast. The Xi’an wedding car rental in the village was not prepared. The Xi’an wedding car rental was hidden in time. I forgot to bring the pig into the house. When the locusts were rolled over, the big pigs left the bone shelf. It’s too terrible! But there are still more miserable villages. There are several villagers who were in the ground at the time. They didn’t hide in the ground, they were bitten, and they died several Xi’an wedding car rentals. There are a lot of jealousy in the heart, and other Xi’an wedding car rentals are like listening to the countryside. But there is a Xi’an wedding car rental to say how terrible it is, see Shu Shiye and Yu embolization, how can it not be like cheating Xi’an wedding car rental, slammed a few times to close Wei Wang wrinkled his eyebrows: “What does this matter have to do with disaster relief? Is this the egg of the locust? Still Wei Wang is not stupid, and soon contacted. Shu Yongtai also refused to immerse himself in the memories. He said: “When the next year, I went to Shaanxi with a member of the East, and it was also bad luck. The first year was a drought, and it was hard to rely on the imperial court to support the past. In the summer, I encountered disaster relief. I said that the year was sure to be smooth, and no one knew where the worms came from. The crops that had not grown in the county were eaten up by the worms. If it is a drought in the first year, there is a great chance that the second year will cause disasters, because the locust will lay eggs in the ground, and it will produce extremely deep eggs. After a winter of cultivation, the weather is warm. Start adult, start with cockroaches, then adult worms, wait for it to lick several times, t

hink about you?” Another low-pitched voice with a sense of charm is really a woman’s voice. Chen Weidong said: “That’s forbearing again. After two days of solving the problem, it’s fine. This little devil is very clever. If you suspect him, it’s not good. Just in case, you still don’t appear well in these few days. The woman is somewhat dissatisfied: “I really don’t understand what you are afraid of, even if I am your woman, he will not doubt me. Why don’t you want to show up? You don’t want to swallow it alone?” Chen Weidong’s voice Some are not happy: “You don’t even believe me? I am not afraid that you have more contact with him. I have told him that he has taken him to the forest for field training for two days, waiting for him to When things got, we killed him, and then walked away, and left here.” The woman bit his lip gently: “Well, Weidong, then I am waiting for you, I really don’t want to stay in the Wang family, for a moment. Don’t want to.” Chen Weidong gently hugged the woman, kissed her lips and whispered: “I know, for two more days, everything will be fine. I will take you out of the king’s house and leave Nan’an.” Chen Weidong said Come here, suddenly turning back to the bedroom in White Europe It seems to. Bai Ou saw it in the crack of the door, his heart was cold, his palms were all cold sweat, and even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. Just because he was too shocked, his hands shook a little, touched the door, and made a slight noise, causing Chen Weidong’s suspicion. “This little devil has a quiet room.” Chen Weidong pushed the woman away, and there was a glimmer of killing in his eyes, coming towards the white European room. White Europe did not dare to move, fearing that Chen Weidong would hear the sound when he moved a little, and the forehead was all cold sweat. The woman was picked up by Chen Weidong with some emotions. Her arms stretched out from behind and hugged him. He said: “I used the ‘Fa Shenxiang’. He wouldn’t wake up if he didn’t sleep for ten hours. What can he have? Qui

only in the imagination. The perfect day, completely forgetting my mission, and even unable to drive the scent of the body. The Gan Dapo warriors who went to the three planets did not do anything to try their best. They reported this to Kafka through a unique communication spell between the same family. Kafka can’t think of a better way. At this time, a soldier suddenly cried: “Look! What is in the water!?” Kafka looked down and saw a huge eyeball in the black water under his feet. M, after turning a circle in all directions, he stared at him and stared at him. That eye Kafka loudly ordered: “Fast, open the sixth sense, there may be information from the bottom of the water!” The dry Dawo soldiers acted according to the words. The huge noise that suddenly burst into my mind made them groan in pain, but immediately there was a louder voice that overshadowed all the quarrels. “Come on me to other planets! My disciples can’t stand it!” Is the Holy Peter! Whether it is mana or mental power, he is much stronger than ordinary people. The horrible giant eye is his embodiment. Kafka immediately contacted the spacecraft outside the atmosphere. In the end, the sacred Peter’s entourage left four people. They were originally the crew of the spacecraft. They are now responsible for flying the spacecraft between the four planets, ready for the occasion. This spacecraft was originally a common model in the space shuttle, but two of the four crew members were the top mechanical refitters of the Chaos Galaxy. At the same time, Sharo City was willing to provide them with an unlimited amount of top rare materials. And the most pure energy is. The two mechanics were like mice that fell into the rice tank, and in the shortest possible time, the ship was madly changed. You don’t have to worry about spending, you don’t have to worry about waste, you can’t buy rare materials that you can’t buy at the auction. It’s the dream of all mechanics to let you squander. If the time is too urgent, they can only modify the key parts of the spacecr

ople in the true sense. The reason why they are called Weiyue is that they only join the alliance tribes headed by the translation of Song. “Enlightened?” Are you saying that he is the prince of the original country? Qin Guo annihilated Xi’an wedding car rental for more than 100 years, he is still alive? Lu Zhe was a bit stunned, especially when he heard that the prince and the tribe had fled to the far south, probably when the modern Vietnam settled. It was even more surprising. Luo Shao was asked a question: “Hey, hey.” Luo’s head The collar has always been called Kaiming, and it is not clear whether it is the king. “Oh…” Lu Zhe guessed that Kaiming should not be a name, probably a name for the leader of the tribe. For example, the emperor of Rome was not called the emperor, but was called Augustus. He asked: “So Baiyue How many people do you have, or how many troops can you translate from this attack? Luo Luo is a question and answer: “The current translation of the Song Xi’an wedding car rental set up more than 10,000 troops, in addition to the county has 23,000 people, the remaining troops are still farther in the south, a place called Yucheng Stationed, they are waiting for the follow-up troops. In order to convince the 闽 发 发 发 , 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 If you can convince you that there is nothing, the translation of Song should be able to get about 30,000 soldiers. In addition to the surviving, the tribes of East and South and South Vietnam should also send troops, but it is impossible to determine the strength of the troops. Lu Zhe heard that it was wrong. The translation of Song called from so many places to mobilize troops and request the various families to send troops, the scope is at least a thousand miles, then how can it be assembled within two months? Luo Shao heard Lu Zhe’s question is somewhat depressed: “I don’t know where you heard from the translation of Song Yu will send troops within two months. This news is wrong. Translating Song’s Northern Invasion pla

able. The only regret is that until Wang Fengyao’s daughter was born, Bai Ou failed to give her a wedding. This made Bai Ou very sorry. I always hope that I will return to China one day and I want to give Wang Fengyao a grand wedding. In the past few months, the situation in China has become more and more unfavorable for Long Huangtu and Dai Jie. Obviously, Wu Haokun wants to gradually and gradually eat into the interests of them. The domestic form is unclear. White Europe does not want to get involved in it. It is understandable that even if it returns, it will not change anything. On the contrary, Xi’an wedding car rental may become a cannon fodder for others. After seeing the power of Wu Yukun, Dong Lao and Long Huang Tu, he became more and more eager for strength. Only invincible powers are qualified to compete with these people. In the days when Bai Ou stayed in the Thai emperor, in addition to accompanying Wang Fengyao mother and daughter, most of the other time is practicing. Fortunately, the Thai emperor is strong enough to treat the son of the white European god. , and the Thai emperor to learn, so that the white European refined speed, especially the legendary god of weapons “Taijun scepter”. Although the Thai emperor would not give this scepter to White Europe, he gave him the privilege to observe the Thai scepter. Bai Ou wants to use the “Taijun Scepter” to stimulate the power of the snake print, and then enhance himself, while the Thai emperor wants to find out the way to control the Taikung scepter through the induction of the white European and Thai scepter. This god of martial arts is extremely powerful, but unfortunately it is stronger than the current white Europe, and can not be easily used. Soon, Bai Ou stayed in the Thai emperor for half a year, and the repairs gradually reached the peak of the seven changes. At any time, it was possible to break through and become the true seven-variable peak. His current strength is even a strong mid-term strong, and even stronger. There was news inside t

t. Originally, only Wing and his sister were on the road. On the way, they encountered a social shock in Han. When they asked about the social shock, there was a holiday of nearly two months. They only had a bad time at home and thought of Hanyou to find friends. Wing said that they would come to Lu Zhe. The agency thought about it and said that it was time to come to Nanjun to meet the old official. The three men entered the South County from Hanshan Mountain Road. It can be said that I have eaten enough bones along the way. When they entered the South County, it was almost the time to read the turmoil in Yiling. There was nothing in the early stage. There were a lot of Baiyue people in the back. Fortunately, they avoided the Baiyue people several times. Fortunately, they entered South County is not much deep, there is a county called Wu County, because there are Qin Junbai will be put into the refuge. Wu County is relatively close to Han County, almost at the junction, and it may be because of this reason There are not many Baiyue people there. The only time there were more than 3,000 and more people attacked the city. Wingsong was also asked by the county magistrate of Wu County to take the few county soldiers and the temporary enlisting of the Qingzhuang enemy. The injuries on the two were left in the killing of the enemy in Wuxian County. It looked like an old injury. “That is to say, you have spent a total of ten days from Wuxian to Jiangling. The road is basically a small-scale Baiyue people?” Lu Zhe seems to find something, and asks: “Han County?” When you came, what was the situation in Han County, such as the local garrison, or the emergence of Baiyue people in Han County?” “Han County?” Wings confused. “Han County does not have Baiyue people, the number of troops there…”, embarrassed smile, he shook his head. “Just passing by, why would you pay attention to those.” When Lu Zhe, who could not get any information, was disappointed, the social shock was talking. “Shock is from the inner history of the c

stood up and said: “There are still things in the company, and the official will stay soon. Something can be sent to Xi’an wedding car rental to know.” There was no Xi’an wedding car rental to stay with him, and he left the Xi’an wedding car team. After he left, several other Xi’an wedding car rentals looked at each other and left. * On the other end, Dewang’s face was full of grievances. When he returned to his residence, Wei Wang and him and Decai were left in the house. He complained to Wei Wang: “His Royal Highness, the slaves are not like no food here. Is it really like today?” What nonsense! Decai whispered. “I don’t have to talk nonsense. You see that all the Xi’an wedding car rentals are full of fat, and it is not the food that the greedy Xi’an wedding team eats. In fact, this is something that can be seen, but there is no way to do this kind of thing. Pick, Dewang is guilty of being guilty on the road these few days, only to feel that the banquet is full of banquets. You can look at it calmly, but it is not very rich, just like after Wei Wang arrived at the governor’s door, everything is Just right, neither let Xi’an wedding car rental feel scornful, nor will it be too bad. If Wei Wangzhen is like Dewan, the other party can attack it by welcoming the imperial difference. The water is clear and there is no fish. This is Xi’an wedding car rental Xi’an wedding car rental knows the truth, many times you have to close one eye, if everything is too true, the loss will only be Xi’an wedding team. For example, this time Wei Wangruo is attacking. Next time, the other party can completely serve the porridge, and on the surface, you are poor, and the Xi’an wedding car rental family is still eating the sea, and it does not affect anything at all. If it is nothing, and right There is nothing to play with this, but if there is something, you can’t put the cart before the horse. You have to look at the essence through the appearance. “They are tempted kings.” Dewang, who was talking about his indignation, suddenly

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