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at were remembered one after another were almost slammed on the blanket on the ground against the white European body. Zhang Quan’s right arm was injured. Not only did he not affect his attack, but it made him more fierce. The bloody smell stimulated the wildness in his body. A pair of eyes contracted and became a strange snake. He followed the rolling white Europe. Snake scales continue to attack. Soon the white European tumbling back to the wall, no longer retreat, he stretched his legs on the wall, the whole person flew horizontally, arms spread out, such as two knives volley, and two assault Big dragon. These two “hand knives” contain the strongest attack in white Europe, and it is unstoppable. Zhang Quan did not let it go, facing the fallen hand knife, and both fists slammed up. The strongest to the strongest. There was a dull sound in the “Peng”, and the body that flew up in the white Europe was hit by a truck and was solid. Kneeling on the wall, a sigh in the mouth. Zhang Quan was also uncomfortable, stumbling, and then quit five or six steps, which barely stabilized his body. Zhang Quan, who is holding his body, his arms hanging down, his hands on the blood, and blood is dripping down. The knives hurt his hands, causing his pair of iron fists to open the flesh, revealing the bones, sharpness of the knives, and cutting the protective layer of snake scales revealed by the genetic energy on the surface of his fist. Although the white knives of the hands of the European Union smashed the iron fist of Zhang Quan, his hands were equally injurious, and the power of Zhang Quan’s snake scales also broke the energy flow of the outer layer of the knives, which caused the deformation of the white European double-finger bones. White Europe was hit by a huge force and hit the wall. He covered his face with his arms, his feet on the wall, and launched a “speed sprint.” With the rebound force generated by this impact, the power of “speed sprint” was launched again, and the wall was slammed on the feet, and a loud bang

ok at these villains. He did not know whether these little people could understand his language. This time, looking at these little people, I finally found that they still have some gaps with human beings. Their skin looks very white, faintly with a kind of light, it seems that the body is full of water, as long as a little squeeze, they can smash their bodies and shed water. Chapter 22 Princess Ganoderma lucidum looked at these villains and found that they were not a loose sand, but a strict discipline. He was the only woman who was led by a needle-like spear. He was leading the villain to attack White Europe and hear it. In the words of Europe, she suddenly put the spear in her hand up and made a gesture. The army that was behind the charge stopped. Followed by these villains, there began to be a lot of discussion. Bai Ou was surprised to find that there was language between them, but he could not understand the language. It should be the unique language between these villains. Suddenly, the woman with the spear headed up and spoke to Bai Ou, and said that it was Chinese that Bai Ou could understand. “You are not coming to hurt us?” Hearing this, Bai Ou was amazed at the extreme: “Will you speak my language?” “Of course, the witches in our family are proficient in various ethnic languages. She taught me that only the family My witch and I know your language.” The headed woman looks very proud. White Europe has some cautions: “I accidentally broke into this place. I am not malicious to you. What kind of family are you? Is it a legendary small country?” The woman said: “We are Ganoderma lucidum, I am the princess of Ganoderma lucidum. Are you really just inadvertently breaking into here?” She looked suspiciously: “There is a ‘guardian’ guarding it, it is responsible for guarding and guarding it, without any permission, no outsider can Enter here.” Bai Oudao: “Are you a patron saint called a big cockroach?” “That is a frog god, not a cockroach.” The Ganoderma lucidum corrects the white Europe. Bai Oudao: “Yes

the meal, compared with the excitement of the temple fair, the restaurant is very cold. When she came in, Xiao Er was screaming at her, and she came in, The eyes are bright. “Inflammatory girl?” Xiao Er took advantage of this red dress to know who the comer was, and when he smiled, he was more brilliant than his hands. How do you say Yin Jia is a facetoface person in Hung Hom Town. Yin Yi Chong Xiao Er also smiled and asked for an elegant room. He told Xiao Er that if there was a son who would like to see Jia Jia, he would be led to her private room. Then he gave it to Xiao. Two pieces of broken silver. The second heart is full of ambiguity, what “Jia girl, but the guest Xi’an wedding car rental has instructions, or Jingui’s guest Xi’an wedding car rental, and money, Xiao Er where would not? I even said a few laughs. I arranged a private room for Yin Yi, and I was happy with the broken silver. In the day of the word. Yin Hao, sitting next to the window, looking out the window of Xi’an wedding car rental in threes and threes, finger pokes the picture on the table, a little bit uneasy. She originally wanted to wear a fluttering Luo skirt this morning, but after thinking about it, Xi’an wedding car team originally wanted to showdown to the Xi’an wedding car rental car. At this time, if she deliberately dressed up, she seemed a bit hypocritical. She lamented and waited a little longer. Because the five senses are better than the Chang Xi’an wedding car rental, she can hear the gradually noisy footsteps downstairs. I thought, “Wu Gongzi’s footwork can be really slow. Looking at the sword eyebrows on the scroll, the prestige is so slow, how the foot is slower than Yi He’an. Just as she takes back the sight of the window, she is familiar and can call her. The figure of the teether also took the roll portrait into the restaurant. . [2] Yi He’an was worried because of the lottery and the “small tail” had been delayed for a long time. In the inside, I greeted the guest of Xi’an wedding car rental and went to the side. I i

ing when the war is over. The speed of the expansion of Luzhe’s site is not slow. It is impossible to sort out the law and order in the territory in the short term, except that the South County is the most stable and relatively stable law and order. It is impossible for the rest of the counties to say that they want to wipe out all the fish. Wu Tong felt that Lu Zhe’s words were not right. The land they occupied was Chudi. Except for the six criminal prisoners that Lu Zhe first compiled, it’s not all Chu people under the rule. Xiao He thought for a long time before answering. The situation in each county is not the same. Nanjun is the best county in law and order. Hengshan County is not bad because it has maintained military control for quite some time, but it is like Cangwu County and Jiujiang. The county, Qijiang County, and Changsha County are a bit complicated. The unstable factor in the Cangwu County is from the remnants of Baiyue. These Baiyue people will come out from the deep forests and forests from time to time to harass the Putian point and the immigrant settlements. However, because Luo Shao has conquered a considerable number of Baiyue people, Lu Zhehuai is hostile and the number of Baiyue in the harassment is not too large. In general, although it was troublesome, it did not cause much serious damage and death. Jiujiang County is the second military-administered county after Hengshan County. Shu’s role as a local snake has also taken the official position of the county guard. On the basis of the network of the clan system, the small armed basic Xi’an wedding car rental that was flown by the military management was cleared. There are still cases where people are gathering together. Shu Dao came to Nanling this time. Xi’an wedding car rental book requested the local garrison to carry out large-scale and large-scale clearing. This was agreed by Lu Zhe. For this reason, Zhou Wen was also transferred to the capital of Jiujiang County. Qijiang County and Changsha County were laid down shortly. Now it

do you save your strength and weaken the power of Chu? Lu Zhe is taking three steps. The first step is that Xi’an wedding car rental is a success, and Chu Chu is completely broken with Chu. The second step is based on Xiangliang attacking Qijiang County. Xiangliang has turned the rear force into emptiness; the third step is poor. The map is now available, using the Yangtze River to land in Danyang. What is the attack and what cuts off the road is a deceptive illusion. In fact, the real intention is to make Huizhang County a mess, stirring the Huiji County into fear. There are also a lot of small details, such as Jiangjun County to clear the Chu State and so on. These Lu Zhe only told a small part of the confidant, the rest of the people can only look at the surface without knowing what the real strategy is. “After the meeting of the 30,000-strong army, our next goal is here.” Lu Zhe pointed to the county in the mountains and rivers. “This is the nearest county to the border between Junzhang County and Qijiang County, because it is less than twenty miles away from the battlefield. The county is the second reading of Xiangliang’s grain storage. “Is it confusing to attack the school. It would be a waste of time to attack the county. But wasn’t it just that the Jimbusian wedding car can’t support it? Don’t hurry to support the unsupported quarter cloth, then… Sima Xin On the mountain and river maps, he patrolled back and forth. He found that the route of Lu Zhe’s march into the county was very different. It seemed to be a special selection of densely populated areas. Everywhere, he also plundered the population and wealth, instead of using the fastest speed. In the formation of a pinch. This kind of warfare has a reading blame. In fact, there is still a pity to read, if the quarter cloth can support longer, or do a better job of biting the army of the beam, then Lu Zhe really wants to After the emptiness of the Chu State, the army rushed to the county and then went to the county of Kuaiji. Lu Zhe is still rel

who was still working, I was disturbed. Ivana was hugged from behind, and my chin was pressed against her shoulder and shook slightly. The body, almost close to spoiled. Ivana helplessly smiled, turned his head and kissed the face of the Nanjing sauna and said: “You go first, I will finish reading immediately, and I will have the last bit of work, hehe.” The Nanjing sauna whispered a few words in the ear of Ivana, and Ivana’s white face suddenly became reddish, and the beriberi bite the corner of his mouth, squinting at the Nanjing sauna. “That’s what it says.” Ok, I am waiting for you. “Speaking, the Nanjing sauna proudly picked up the eyebrows, let go of Ivana, turned and walked back to the bed, opened the blanket, lying on the bed. Ivana was stunned by the Nanjing sauna. There was still a look at it. I didn’t take the pen off my hand, stood up from the seat, turned off the bright art chandelier, and looked at the bed without gasping. The boyfriend, holding up his hands and holding up his long blond hair together, became a ponytail, and said: “You can’t let me take a day off?” “Oh, this is for you, for the face.” Muscle exercise has great benefits…” “Hey!” Ivana turned a blind eye, not sullen, and there was no way for her boyfriend to be shameless. Yesterday was still clouded, heavy rain poured, after the rainy night that last night, the new day was already clouded, the sun was shining, everything that had been washed away by the rain became so clear and clear, even the air was so Fresh. Ivana, who was in the arms of the Nanjing sauna, shivered a few times with the slender eyelashes, and slowly opened her eyes. “Good morning, dear.” “Good morning…” Ivana heard that her voice was a little hoarse, and she couldn’t help but scorn the Nanjing sauna, but she still looked up and kissed the Nanjing sauna. “Cough, you are not, how is my fault, all blame me…” The Nanjing sauna was still trying to get tired for a while, but Ivana got up directly, and did not get angry and turned back to the cheaper boyfriend.

he world, so Lu Zhe’s thousands of people will be invited, but they are not considered to be great talents. Lu Zhe finally knows why Yan Bi has such a performance. It is clearly known that Qi Tong and Xiao He are very late, and Yan Pei is such a well-known minister who is accompanied by the rise of Yiling, but he is envious and extremely envious. It. “Tong also met with him when he went to the county, but he had met with his grandson before.” He looked at Lu Zhe with a sigh of relief. “Now we are in a good form, and some people come to rely on it.” Shu Suntong is familiar with the ritual method. Since it is self-recommended, we lack the relevant ceremonial officials. Why not hire them? Zhe really does not know who Shu Suntong is. If you see , then you will read the head: “There is a call.” It is casual and does not pay attention. If Lu Zhe knows that Shu Suntong is building a Han Dynasty in Liubang. Customized court rituals have become “Folk of Confucianism”, he will not be so casual, but happy to come to treasure. Hetong got a reply and revealed a happy expression. He hesitated and said: “The victory with the Chu State, Chu also asked people to talk about it, and in the next period of time from the east threatened Xi’an wedding car rental removal. West With the north side of your strategy, the threat from Daqin is also lifted by Xi’an wedding car rental. At present, your Xi’an wedding car rental is the owner of the five counties, and your majesty will be hundreds of thousands of soldiers, but…” It’s a pause, it seems that there is such a hesitation, see Lu Zhe was listening carefully. After biting his teeth, he finally said: “You are alone in business, no family help, and now the foundation is huge. No one can stop the southern hegemony Xi’an wedding car rental. Is it necessary to consider family matters?” It’s what he wants to say.” Yan Bi did not like the confession, Xiao He and other states of mind, but the position in this respect is strikingly consistent, and he hurriedly said: “There should be after

Chen: “Chen Yu and Zhang Er have no commander-in-chief but they are the generals. You have led the army to fight with the Qin army many times and made great contributions, but it is only a lieutenant. Do you feel unfair?” 734 chapters: The different Wuchens clearly stunned. He didn’t know how many thoughts flashed in his mind for a moment. He opened his mouth and said only the words “Well from the top.” Obviously, Wu Chen feels that his merits are lower than the current official position. Only Lu Zhe is a king. Not only the king but also the old man of Zhao Xie, he can’t say it even if he has grievances in his heart. Out of it? This is also the characteristics of the countries, that is to say no matter who has the talent, as long as the king does not appreciate, even if there is more great credit, it will never be able to make a living. Any broken dynasty is caused by the country itself. It can block the way for talented people to go up. It can be said that no matter how hard you try, you can’t change your destiny. After the founding of the kingdom of China, Lu Zhe had a long time of exploration and research on the national policy. After Wu Chen responded to the “No”, he dismissed the sword and gave it to the next attendant, and then he walked to Lu Zhe. Wu Chen’s current position in Zhao Guo seems to be lieutenant? This lieutenant is certainly not the modern one, nor is it a position dedicated to keeping the palace city safe during the Han Dynasty. According to the official position of Zhao Guo, Lieutenant is actually a kind of scattered official, who has the power to recommend talents to the monarch, so Wu Chen has been added to the post. What kind of military officer will you be? In the Qin system, it is also a military officer who can command 8,000 to 10,000. In Zhao’s system, it is a relatively high-level existence. Generally, it is the adjutant who is the main lord. Sometimes it can also be a pawn. At the same time, the troops under the arm are also chaotic, as small as dozens, as many as hundreds of tho

bilized, there is no possibility that the troops in the movement will be difficult to be discovered. The Chu Jun near the Lu’an was more vigilant in Lu Zhe’s expectation. Qi and Yan were not stopped before, and he was surprised that Qin Jun was over there. After Meng Yi met with the messenger of Lu Zhe, the messenger expressed it with a very strong attitude. The 80,000 Qin army split the king from the 30,000 soldiers and horses and launched an attack on one of the three forces in Nanyang County, almost effortless. He defeated Jiang’s armed forces in the south of Yangcheng. After defeating Jiang’s armed forces, Qin Jun did not stop. He swept the large and small separatist forces in the north of Nanyang County with a more rapid attitude. He maintained a fairly safe rear supply line in less than five days. When Lu Zhe received feedback from the messenger who went to Qin Jun, a new round of scouting reports was also transmitted from Sanchuan County. A Qin army of a 150,000 Central Plains regiment seemed to be heading south. The signs, at the same time, the reply of Meng Yi righteous words, Lu Zhe is Lu County Hou, General Zheng Nan, has no right to interfere with the army formed by the non-Southern Xinjiang Army. Meng Yi is eating at the juncture of the gathering of these eight parties, Lu Zhe did not dare to really send troops to fight, or did not send people to investigate the mobilization of Lu Zhezhi? Or is it not afraid that Lu Zhezhen will send troops to fight, is there any fear? “Meng Yi is the conspiracy of the first emperor, and his heart is still very strong.” Yan Tong seems to have long been afraid of being indifferent, and said with a smile: “They also know that we are not willing to fight with Qin State now, and this is fearless. Lu Zhe naturally does not want to fight with the Qin army at this juncture. To fight with the Qin army, it is necessary to laugh at the country. However, he couldn’t just count it if he got a strong reply from Meng Yi. He indulged a bit: “The commander of the squad led the head

Feng continued to nod and agreed, the empire occupied the island, and the two precious metals, gold and silver, were provided by the island; after the navy occupied the Luzon Islands, the emperor The country has also received a horrific amount of copper resources, and even a large number of copper mines in the Empire have begun to stop production in a planned manner. How to see the empire is not like the lack of gold, silver, copper, he has not heard of the iron ore in the land of the big moon to the people, but the Nanyang fleet recently found an excellent giant iron in the Shaying people. Mine, it seems that mining is not difficult? “It’s not just Nanyang. Isn’t there a thing that has been raging in the near future?” Liu Bang touched his chin. He said: “It seems that a huge iron ore was discovered on the grassland, even in Liaodong. High-quality iron ore.” “It should be counted on the coal mine, the empire is not lacking in coal mines, and it has not been heard that there are coal mines on the land of the Da Yue people.” Li Feng suddenly felt a little emotional and said: “I used to say that the land is big, but really It’s just that it’s used. It’s not that you don’t know that there are resources, you can’t make those resources available.” “It’s just a change in the way, it’s driven by labor, now it’s driven by money, not to mention slaves.” Liu Bang is also lamenting, with worship saying: “The emperor is the emperor after all, I am sure that if it is not the emperor, no one can make such a big thing.” Abolish the servitude, and then everything is replaced by employment, estimated This is the most correct thing that Lu Zhe has done. It will be reformed in such a way that there is a prerequisite and there is enough wealth. You can also get more wealth, otherwise there is absolutely no such enthusiasm to carry out reforms. Lu Zhe started from scratch, and started from scratch with a bunch of force. If you get anything, it is a rush. There is no cost problem at all. He also used the prisoners of min

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