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as convinced. “Brother, it’s against it. This court, this is a traitor, not a man, not a son.” Liu Tang called the second. This ‘reverse’ meaning is a real rebellion. It is really necessary to draw a line with the old Zhao family. Just like the original rebellion, the Tian Hu, Wang Qing and Fang La are the first-class champions. “Reverse, reverse. So the court, can not be long.” At the time of the hall, Han Bolong, Fan Rui, Xue Yong, Li Wei, Xiang Chong, Tang Long, Jiao Ting, Guo Sheng, Lu Fang, Shi Qian, Deng Fei, Ou Peng, Jiang Jing, Ma Lin, Tao Zongwang, Wen Zhong Rong, and Zhang Shun, shouted like this. Lin Chong, Qin Ming, Xu Ning, Yang Zhi, Suo Chao, and Li Ying, Ruan Cheng, Andao Quan, etc., are now entangled in their faces. Lu Qian handed a look to Fang Tianding, and Fang Tianding was not a person who was not interested. I know that it is not something that my family can listen to. Then he took Fang Jie, who was in full swing, and joined Gao Yu, Pang Wanchun, etc., and got up and retire. After the Manichean retreat, the atmosphere in the Juyi Hall was suddenly dull. Liu Tang and Li Wei looked at Lin Chong and others with their eyes wide open. The leopard’s head knew his weight in the hall and got up and said: “I don’t know what the big head has.” It is the opposite, Lin Chongjing listens. This life is entrusted to the big head.” In this heart, the leopard head has not tasted. There is no idea of ??’clothing back home’. Brotherly loyalty, and now In one scene, he really told him that he could not say the words of the old Zhao family. He told him that he could only abstain from voting. “Lin Jiaotou said this into the heart of the heart. Everything is driven by his brother.” Qin Ming followed the second statement, like Lin Chong. The blue-faced beast is the third one. “Yang Zhiyun has been in the world for 30 years. He has never been alive for a few days. It’s really a joy to be hit by Liangshanpo, and it’s like being tempted by this sinister traitor!” An official figure who favors the attitude of the reb

assport. In the next second, Richard looked sullenly toward the elevator, and then pushed the door of the safe passage, madly wanting to escape from it, from the instinct… Chapter 256 Escape the marriage! Ye Dongqing stood on the stairs and looked at the watch. Laura gave his watch, as a Christmas gift, the custom price was as high as more than 400,000 US dollars. It was a thank-you to introduce her to Wei Mi. Don’t look down on it. Pulling the current ability to absorb gold, recently successfully won two small endorsement contracts, one is the American cosmetics brand Estee Lauder, one is the jewelry brand Swarovski, a few posters can get nearly 10 million US dollars, it has become The temperament of the little rich woman who is not worthy of food and clothing has become different. Renee and her parents are standing next to each other. It seems that there have been some disputes. They all speak with their voices. He can’t hear what he said, but most of them Richard has a relationship. The old couple in England have been divorced and reorganized into a family. One is looking for a young British female star, and one is looking for a small French meat guy. From the perspective of their approach, they will be Renee. It is not surprising to cultivate this character. In fact, Ye Dongqing does not like her superficial personality. She had left some bad impressions when she heard about this friend from Laura’s mouth. This sense has not changed. However, Renee has already given birth to a daughter for Richard. He feels that since things have happened, Richard should still bear the responsibility that men should bear. It is hard to say whether they can get married. They are waiting for the reason. Chad stated that the idiot had just tried to escape from the stairs. He knew that the floor where the apartment was located was on the forty-first floor. Ye Dongqing and others had waited for more than ten minutes and had not seen his figure. It is difficult to go upstairs, and it is not easy to go downstairs. At this moment

erful and flexible, and there is a return to each other. Unfortunately, Moline had no time to care about this game. He didn’t talk much when he was in the player’s rest area, but he would go to see Devrell’s Raffle from time to time. Demstrom’s players who participated in the competition this year are also very strong, especially the Zimmerman, who won the first place in the Dumbledore Cup last year. His performance this year is also quite eye-catching. The wizards shouted, and the deformations shown by this talented student were quite amazing. Zimmerman is a seventh-grade male with short blond hair. He is a tall man with a big eyebrow, a thick-eyed, straight-eyed, handsome look, and he walks with a sense of inexplicable confidence. His opponent in the second round was a long-haired girl at Booth Barton College. The girl looked nervous, probably because she met Zimmerman, who was the first in the transformation last year. Her face was pale. Demstrom’s Ralph stood below the stage and said loudly: “Zimmerman, don’t delay too much, leave some energy, understand?” After the girls at Booth Barton College heard this, they looked More pale. Moline stared at Ravel’s back, and he was increasingly confused about Ralph. Does this guy know Lucas’ plan? Chapter 323 Luck “This Zimmerman is not simple. His control of the deformation technique is really admirable. It is really rare to have this level of deformation at this age.” Professor Kane Looking at Zimmerman, he doesn’t need arithmetic divination. From his own eyes, he can see where Zimmerman’s deformation is better than others. After a pause, Professor Kane said: “If you want me to find someone who can be compared with him, I think it may be Moline in another two years.” Professor Kane glanced appreciatively and sat in the back row. Moline, but remembered that Molin ran out at noon, he was somewhat annoyed. Pearson’s face was pumped. Since Moline came to the club, Professor Kane was often the most frequently asked by Moline, which made him very uncomfortable every ti

?” Moline touched his nose: “No, I am not interested in the treasure.” – She came to me, just because I happen to have this need-” Professor Kane touched his chin and asked Moline to see his foot from the beginning, then waved at him: “Then I went to see, I know that there is a responsiveness. Where is the house? – Then, I used it to play the billiard -” “Board?” “Hey, a game of Muggle, you probably don’t know. I was listening to classical music while playing billiards. I have to ask for it to play with me. You can try it.” “I don’t know if you still have this. Yaxing.” Moline said. Professor Kane and Moline turned to the stairs, then walked toward the empty classroom on the seventh floor, turned a corner, and stopped in front of the responsive house. “So what did you think at the time?” asked Professor Kane. “Hold this pattern and think about what the twelve patterns represent -” Moline handed the parchment to Professor Kane. “But it’s not necessarily useful. Professor, I have been away once and can’t go for the second time.” “Is that the case?” Professor Kane looked at the twelve patterns and then thought about the meaning of the twelve patterns in his mind. Five minutes passed and nothing appeared. “How do I feel like a little silly.” Professor Kane raised his brow. “Professor, although you may feel that I often get into trouble – I have always proved that I am right.” Moline reluctantly said, “You can trust me.” “Then I will ask the principal of Meg, the school has never recorded the responsive house. It’s Hufflepuff’s left–“Professor, don’t!” Moline said quickly. “I really don’t want to go to the principal’s room to drink tea. Master McGonagall… Her tea is too hot, look.” – We are so familiar, mature? You can ask the principal of Meg, but can’t you say that I did it?” “When will you be afraid of the tea brewed by the principal? Who is the tea in the principal’s room? I can get it.” “Is it honoured?” “You should be ashamed, Moline.” Professor Kane glanced at Moline and stuffed Moline’s parchment into h

“Wall Street legend” Author: Tao Liangchen Description: a ride laundering expert on Wall Street, as the rebirth after the accident killed twenty-first century. Just like a mouse falling into a granary, this is a great era of gold everywhere! The crazy rise of Silicon Valley, Wall Street’s global money-raising plan, a home super potential stock company! ! Ye Dongqing is confused, and there are opportunities to make money everywhere. I don’t even know where to start. How to get the first bucket of gold is a top priority. This book is a simple and easy to flow daily financial story. Chapter 1 is one of the most famous urban parks in the world. Manhattan Central Park is located in the heart of New York’s most prosperous area. Various skyscrapers are built along this park, with a night view of the city and a lush Central Park on one side. It is estimated that many people are jogging around. The Marriott Residence is also located next to Central Park. This is a five-star luxury hotel that, even in New York, can be hung up on the top of the list. At the moment, through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel’s penthouse suite, you can see the wonderful night scenes built by the lights of the buildings. Two people were printed on the window, and one of them was wearing clothes. I can’t see the specific appearance, underwear, white shirt, trousers, one piece carefully dressed, the action is slow and elegant. On the bed, there was a blonde girl with a smooth long leg exposed outside the quilt. Her clothes were scattered on the ground and her breathing was still a little short. The glamorous young woman’s gaze is interested in casting this Chinese male. More precisely, it should be a wealthy Chinese male, and ordinary people can’t find her. There is also a thick stack of money on the bed, about seven or eight thousand dollars. In fact, her price is only 4,000 US dollars. To do this, there is no star, model and the like as a gimmick. The price of four or five thousand dollars for two or three hours is almost the end. It’

the goose bumps, so good and sour. People may be able to stand still in the face of the stone, not to be afraid of death. But…but what is this thing for the girl? Faced with this mysterious weapon like thunder, no one can calm down. Each of these sounds can take away a few lives, leaving a wounded wounded soldier! The fainted soldiers were blindly screaming and shouting loudly. The fear from the bottom of the heart and the pungent smell of saltpeter, the smog of the smog, made them lose their judgment. Compared with the chaotic guards on the head of the city, the Liangshan army under the city can be much colder. Although many people also stretched their necks and looked at the scene on the head of the city. But their state is on standby. Lin Chong naturally saw the explosion, that is, the cannon was launched. He has seen it many times. There are still many people who have never seen it. For example, Huarong, such as Zhang Zhongxiong, such as Han Bolong, Ma Lin, Wang Yan, Hao Siwen and so on. At this moment, listening to the thunder-like sound, watching the scenes of the city’s chaos, all smiles on the faces. What is the power of the firearms, and that is not their own. Look at the moment, how easy is it to attack the city in the future? Lin Chong passed the order, calling the Qiqiao troops to move forward quickly, and the subsequent long-staff troops were preparing to attack the city. When Zhang Zhongxiong, who was in the past, received an order, he immediately raised his iron rod and yelled: “Brothers, follow me!” One of the soldiers bravely pushed the bridge and shouted loudly into the smoggy Anzhou City. In the instant, the city of Anzhou was like a gate, and the soldiers rushed over! On the head of the city, Qiao Zhongfu’s legs have not stood up softly, and they dare not move under the female wall. It is to listen to the people outside the city, and know that the other side began to attack the city, but also no courage! And the squadrons on the top of the city are in a mess, and it is impossible to calm d

dents came and went and talked about what was going on in the audience. “What activities are they holding?” Moline asked. “Today is Hogwarts’ semester society day. Many clubs are recruiting people. Didn’t you read the announcement yesterday? Nelson put the announcement in the public restroom,” Hugo said. Moline was crowded by many people last night and didn’t see the announcement. In order to enrich their extracurricular activities, Hogwarts students will form their own associations. Each semester will hold a community day, and each club will recruit talents to fill the vacancies. “Which associations are worth participating?” Moline asked. In fact, the Quidditch team of each college is equivalent to a club. He is equal to having joined a club. “Go and see! Anyway, it’s still early,” Hugo said with great vigour. They just turned to the stairs, and the road ahead was blocked by three girls they didn’t know. One of the girls with silver hair greeted them and said, “Morlin, hello, my name is Madonna, it is the school’s magical sound.” The president of the association, would like to ask if you are interested in joining our community?” “Magic sound… Sorry, what is the magic sound?” Moline asked inexplicably. “Magic sounds, Moline, magic sound, you know, Hogwarts’s Wizards Orchestra, playing magical music with magic.” Madonna said with a smile. Moline did not react for a moment, the Wizards Orchestra? Although he knows that there are many student clubs in the school, he never knows that the school has a so-called “Magic Sound” orchestra. “But I can’t sing! I won’t play any instruments.” Moline’s knowledge of music and Muggle research and the same day, a mess, he felt that he can speak normally, it is very good, singing can not scare people Try not to be scary. Madonna said vowedly: “It doesn’t matter, many people don’t know that they have the talent to sing. It’s all about digging. You can use magic to change your tone. Anything in our community can be used as a musical instrument.” Oh!” “Hey, I heard James say, y

lso distressing. “Jin is still small, reading in the future, and the scores thrown back are back.” After Lu Jin’s schooling in the future, if all the books and martial arts are outstanding, there are still people who remember today. Female school. Li Qingzhao slowly flipped through a stack of poems, and the meaning between the lines made her laugh. “Beyond the age of the old, it is a lot stronger.” There are not only young students, but also adult classes. Neri students are as young as 12 years old, as large as 16 years old, have enough money, and their status is innocent, so they can enter school. Adult classes can also be called home economics classes, but they are different from later home economics. The education of the current home class is not involved first. Pedagogy and psychology, family relationships are also very shallow. Mainly divided into three categories: an economy, two talents, three health. This economy is both inside and outside, and the inside is the ability to check accounts. Those who can enter the girls’ school are all non-rich and expensive. They will marry in the future and they will be the masters of their own. This book is not important; the outside refers to their dowry. In this era, the woman’s dowry is protected by law and is not counted in the ‘public money’. Like the later generations of the Dream of Red Mansions, through the text, a consistent setting is that Mrs. Wang saved money from the official and gave the daughter of the palace to the top and bottom; while the queen of the pit, Xi Xifeng, was tall and carried the housekeeper. Heavy duty, hollowed out his own dowry into the official. However, Jia Mu was holding her own dowry, so that the grandfather Jia Rong of Rongfu would ask for the big sister around her mother to take the road to save the country. Who told me to hold the key to the Jiamu storehouse? Now that this economy is outside, he has taught finances. The talent is also the piano chess and painting, the needle embroidery female red, the words and demeanor, the rule

t can be like this too -” Arnock turned his fingers again, and the two flamingos blasted open and turned into countless Mars. The Mars did not disappear, but gradually elongated and turned into a The sharp flame knife slammed and rushed toward the ground. Hey! Hey! Hey! The flame knives were deeply immersed in the damp ground. The ground that had been soaked in the muddy rain was immediately dried by the flame knife, and the rain could not get closer to one point, and the flame knives continued to burn on the ground. “Cool!” Molin exclaimed. “What do you see?” Arnock waved, all the flames flew out of the ground, reunited and flew back to his fingertips. Chapter 89—Flame Magic Moline looks at the gorgeous flames of Arnock’s exhibition. He admire him to the extreme. He is the one who summons a flame at the top, and squats directly toward the target. There are so many tricks. He pondered for a moment and tried tentatively: “This magic is a combination of deformation and flame spells. Is that true?” Arnock applauded and nodded. “Yes, it’s a bit of a vision. The really powerful magic is to transform the things that you summon. The two are combined with each other. Of course you might think, what is the use of the whistling flame magic, but You can assume that if someone directly destroys the flame you attacked with a blast spell, can you change the broken Mars to other means of attack?” Moline said seriously: “Sir, I don’t have I think it’s a bells and whistles, I think, sometimes the bells and whistles can confuse the opponent, isn’t it?” “Haha, you are very smart.” Arnock laughed. “The wizard fights to see the reaction, some people may use the frozen spell to deal with Your flame, maybe someone will block your flame with a hurdle, you want to let your magic not be restrained, you must learn to adapt your magic to some changes. You start to try now, summon the flame in the rain “I try.” Moline trembled and shook his wand, shouting “flame raging”, a hot group The flame spurted out from the tip of his wand and stayed

a large amount of sulphur, saltpeter and leather, animal skin glue, fish gelatin, etc. A manufacturing and imitation, saving a lot of effort. Li Si also gave the inside and outside of Daming Fucheng all the way through. Several nights intentionally went in and out of the city gate, let him have a good relationship with the soldiers who guard the door. Now this big name is in the eyes of Liang Shanbo, who is bright and clear. On the large map, the location of Liangshanpo and Damingfu was marked by two red and one blue markers. Mengzhou was also marked, but it was a good triangle with Liangshanbo and Damingfu. There is also a ⊕-shaped symbol on the edge of the Daming House, marked with the words “Flying Tigers”. It is a key place outside the city of Damingfu. In addition, there are two dangerous places in the east of the famous city, the Yushupo and the Yijiatun. There is a patrol in one place and a camp in the other. However, as long as the Liangshan Army came to the speed, the name of the famous city was caught off guard, and these dangerous places were all white. This is similar to the distance from Mengzhou to Liangshanpo to Damingfu, which is about 150 miles. The distance between Liangshanpo and Damingfu is two hundred miles. In other words, Lu Qian spent three days to “walk” for fifty miles. All the people present can understand that this waste is extremely worthwhile. Now I am afraid that Liang Shijie of the famous city is thinking that Liang Shanbo is going to attack Zengtou City in the southwest of Lingzhou. Naturally, it is also under the jurisdiction of Da Ming Fu, but Liang Shijie will not be in charge of Lingzhou. That Lingzhou’s letter of assistance is definitely sent to the Daming House, but what about it? Liang Shijie did not intend to rescue the soldiers and horses at all. Not only that, but now it is the end of the year, near the Spring Festival, the famous palace is full of lights. Beijing Damingfu is a big county in the north of Hebei. Businesspeople who have their own way come together, and t

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