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microblog suddenly changed from [BC] to [[the other party is typing…] but soon, it became [BC]. In two seconds, it became [the other party] Entering…]. Just back and forth, changed five or six times, Mu Yan couldn’t help but smile, and sent a message: [Do you need to edit so many times with me?] Xia Yitao also looked at it. The whole process: “Your husband is still shy? When he spoke, he snorted. Mu Yan buckled his phone. “I won’t show it to you. This is the first WeChat sent to her by Xiao Bun. Although she knows that he will not send anything, she still does not like Xia Yitao to look behind. Xia Yitao circumvented and spit out his tongue. “I don’t look at it very rarely. I eat dog food every day. I still have to lose weight! Mu Yan also vomited his tongue at Xia Yitao, and then took the phone up. A short line of words: [How do you know?] It is the first time to use WeChat… Mu Yan: [Look at WeChat, my name, now!] Finished, just a few in the input box Words, deleted, and played a few, and deleted, and then asked: [See?] Buff: [Understood.] Mu Yan looked at the micro-weet WeChat, I thought last night, save it again When I massaged her eyes again, I couldn’t help but smile. I sent a message in the past: [I miss you.] They are husband and wife, saying something like this, expressing emotions, Mu Yan feels nothing. She thinks She will give her a “I am also, or I miss you.” She stares at the screen Look. This will, the name saved at the top of the screen, and switched between [BC] and [the other party is typing…] five or six times. Finally, “a bang, a message came over. Bun Cun: [I will see you in a few days.] Mu Yan: Um?? The head stunned, and quickly edited: [I am serious, you are not allowed Deceived me!] The author has something to say: Bic Cun: When can I sleep with my wife? Author: You have to wait until the couple in the near future. Variety. Thank you for voting for me or irrigation nutrition. Little angel of liquid Oh~ Thanks to the little angel of irrigation [nutrition solution]: 1 bottle of Muyi;

le, An Ru and Tao Yiyi. They obviously seemed to be restrained, and the waist was straight and straight. Standing, I saw Li Yu looking, Lu Xifu and others immediately clenched the fist: “I have seen Xiao Langjun!” These people are the singers who were invited by Nie Huan as a helper. They found a total of seven or eight. Ten people, who are now standing out, are just a few of them. But at that time, Li Yu was one of the best people in the West. They were just the guards of Li Yu. Although they are all in important positions, they have the right to handle them. But when they see Li Yu, it’s like those big brothers suddenly see that they have retired. For many years, the former boss, at that time they were just a little horse, naturally respectful. Li fish smiled and nodded, and already noticed their standing and standing. “Well, it’s good! The two gimmicks of the beautiful scenery are not the descendants of Chang Jiannan’s painstaking efforts. They are very well managed by these people. They are in charge of the West, and they are obviously more than capable. These people are obviously awesome to them. “The fish is secretly stunned, so please invite the beautiful scenery into the hall.” Li Yu is actually a guest. The owner here is Kang Bangzhu. Then naturally, Kang Bangzhu leads. Liang Chen beautifully carrying his hands, squatting like a pair of innocent little girls, An Ru and Tao Yiyi calmly followed behind, imitation Buddha two nannies. Although Lu Xifu and others are also guests, they are a few steps behind. Up and down, humble, obviously have penetrated into their bone marrow, they treat the beauty of the good, just like those Western city heroes treated Chang Jiannan, that is their king. When Li Yu was on the move, his stepfather was not interested in the position of Liang Liang. Ling Ruo is not, she still likes to do things, but now she gradually withdraws from the West, and eliminates her own influence. Could it be… Li Yu took another look at the beautiful scenery, and the two people’s innocent behavi

id not care about the red female ghost, but also went out, this is a small baroque balcony with delicate and complicated railings. One person and one ghost leaned down on the railing and looked down. I saw a black gas coming out of the fountain pool in the center of the garden, engulfing the white marble statue of the god of love, and then spreading, shrouded the entire garden and began to be there. The hospital building is pervasive. Seeing that the black fog is close at hand, there is no meaning for one person and one ghost. Lin Biao picked up his eyebrows: “Hey, great arrogance, Chu Yushu Where did you get it? Song Song stretched out his hand to the outside of the balcony. As if the black gas seemed to have a sense of sorrow, he slowly wrapped his fingers. Lin Biao did not know how to feel this scene was very warm, as if he saw a pet dog in the hands of the owner. She Nahan: “Is your heirloom?” Song Song closed his eyes and slowly opened his head and shook his head: “Not her, but she has her breath.” The suffocation seemed to just say hello to him, turned a corner, and slammed into the balcony next door. “No, it is Miss Chu’s ward.” “Song Wei slightly dragged the tone, it seems a little lazy. Lin Biao vaguely felt the contradiction in this person, he said that to find the lost ghost, but the clue is close at hand, but not busy, really stand by. The reaction when he met him was very strange… At this moment, the black air condensed a human figure on the balcony next to it, which was like a shadow, and then the shadow “flowed” from under the door. Into the room of Chu Yushu. Lin Biao did not think about it, folded back into the house, lifted his toes and kicked the four scorpions that kicked and twitched: “Get up and work, you go to the next room to explore the situation. The four monks are the femininity, which is very sensitive to the evil spirits. She is in danger of being in danger next door, but she does not dare to disobey Lin Biao’s orders. She has no choice but to reluctantly go out one step at a time.

illed, she has to let her fall a few pieces of skin! Let her now! “Mother, or I will go to the town to hire a carriage, this is a little slippery, it is awkward. Let your son be neat? “Wang Laifu knows that her mother is not willing to trouble Zhang family anymore, but it is really a little far from here to her home. Can he let Guo go back by himself? Originally, the body will not work, plus clothes and cold weather.” Going back on this road, it’s really sick and devastating, how can he get it? So even if the money is not much, Wang Laifu said so. “Have a horse-drawn carriage? Wang Laifu? Are you wearing a skull or a skull? Are you ready to go out and hire a carriage? You think you are a rich man? Don’t be here with me.” Wolf! You spend money with your eyes closed. After that, how many of our mothers are going to drink the northwest wind? Hurry, give me the money!” Li Liangliang heard that he had to pay for himself as a horse, and it was like being trampled on his tail. Like a cat, it will blow up at once! ☆, the ninth and eighty-eight chapters: gift 1 This is not a problem with the two girls! ? Guo’s gloom is not a word. Wang Laifu still insisted on his own advice. If Guo refused to take the old Zhangjia’s carriage, then she must go to the town to hire a horse-drawn carriage. Anyway, no matter what she said, she could not let her old lady walk back! If you really do this, he will not have to look up and walk in the village in the future! “Wang Laifu, I tell you, as long as I am not dead today, you don’t want to hire this car! Hurry and give me the money on your body! Also see that you have a few copper plates on your body and don’t know what your name is! I still need to hire a horse-drawn carriage. Do you think that you are a big lady? Is it awkward?” Li Liangliang said awkwardly and turned a blind eye. I don’t know who is talking. Anyway, the wording is very exciting: “Now this person does not know. It’s awkward, I’m so troublesome, I really think that I’m a big day or awkward? Don’t think about it f

ter 79 Mu Yan was in the same place, and his waist did not straighten up. Thinking for a moment in my head. When the finger is released, put the slippers down and straighten up. “Okay. Although the knife is removed from the knife, it is not convenient to take a bath. This knife is for her sake. She doesn’t help anyone. Help is not good.” I thought of them. The first time they entered this new home, the first thing they did was to take a shower. Or she helped Zhukun take a shower. She carefully carried the thin deposit to the master bedroom. The master bedroom has a bathroom, inside the bathroom. Separate from the bathroom. The bathroom is in a separate room. In addition to the shower, the large round bathtub is placed next to the bathroom window. The window is just outside the window. Muyu has never seen such a bathtub, can’t help but take a look In my current situation, I can only wash the shower at present. The man looks at the girl’s gaze and falls on the bathtub. He can only tell her first. Although, he also wants to… But now it can’t. Think of this, Bun is silently depressed. A little bit. Wounds are wrong. I know, I just look at it. Mu Yan helped the man, his cheeks were slightly hot. The girl raised her hand and helped the man unbutton the shirt. When the shirt faded The knife under the rib on the right side was exposed. Although the line was removed, it still bulged slightly and squatted like an ugly cockroach. Mu could not help but reach out, the soft fingertips fell on the man’s knife, look “I am sorry, it is because of me. Not only here, but also a wound on the back. Anyway, I am so embarrassed, and it doesn’t matter how many. The man leaned over and kissed the girl with some furry hair tops. “You’re fine. In fact, no matter what the time is or is, now, what you think is all – Mu Xi is fine. This is his most fortunate thing.” The thin wound can’t be wet for a long time. Mu Yan is afraid that he is tired, he moved a stool from outside and put it in the shower, let the man sit down. After standing in

at Jiang Yue’s dark eyes. “This college entrance examination is very important. Now the country is developing. When talent is needed, knowledge can change your destiny. If you want to get out of this small mountain village and go to the big city to live the envy of everyone, you will rely on this college entrance examination, so the fate is in your own hands.” After Du Zeyun finished, everyone was stunned, and suddenly the whole classroom frying pan was the same, but Du Zeyun did not stop and let them discuss. Chapter 57 Help “This thing you go back to talk to your parents, I will also give them ideological work, and strive for each of you to take the college entrance examination.” Du Zeyun said with a smile. “Teacher, is that difficult for the college entrance examination?” asked a girl. “Difficult, of course difficult! This college entrance examination is like a squid leaping gantry, how high you can jump, all by your own efforts. The more difficult it is, the more important he is, so you must work hard!” Teacher, we will work hard.” Du Zeyun had a smile on his nice face and some comfort in his eyes. The moonlight of Jiang Yue flashed, then looked down at the book in his hand. In this world, she will never let Cai Guofang ruin her life. The students in the next lecture class listened seriously and listened seriously. They were as serious as ever, and they seemed to realize the importance of the college entrance examination. Du Zeyun’s lectures are very clear and slow. Some places even have to talk about two or three times. Sometimes they also look at Jiang Yue deliberately. Seeing Jiang Yue thoroughly understands the next question. Jiang Yue snorted and suddenly discovered that Du Zeyun was deliberately waiting for himself, and then proceeded to the following after he completely digested it. Jiang Yue was originally inserted temporarily. His course has already been carried out in half. It is impossible to start with Jiang Yue alone, so he only secretly used this method to help Jiang Yue. After Jiang Yue underst

But now I am more mysterious! How can it be solved? Without any cause, he immediately got up and ran in one direction, and the flaps tried to escape the area. The goal is to block the stitching, delay the time, and say that it is blocking. In fact, it is delaying the time, waiting for the support of Yasaka Sakura. When the old dominator reaches the target, the flap is completely directly killing. Since I had seen the map on the ground floor, the flaps quickly found a place that had not collapsed – a huge garage, and another underground laboratory and ground link, but this place can only enter Out, of course, I can’t take care of it now. “KP, I want to hide.” With the flaps happening, the breath that attracts others disappears, nothing, even if people stand here, they don’t have any perception, they will not be seen, heard, smelled, Or an incognito mode that will not be discovered at all. 【. The decision is passed. 】 ‘Boom! ! ‘Sorry, make a few times, change the embarrassment immediately, and make a few times. I will change the embarrassment immediately. I will change the number of times. I will change the embarrassment immediately, and I will change the embarrassment. The number of times, change the embarrassment immediately, make up the number of times, change the embarrassment immediately, then make a few times, change the embarrassment immediately, make up the number of times, change the embarrassment immediately, make up the number, and change it immediately Sorry, make a few times, change the embarrassment immediately, and make a few times. I will change the embarrassment immediately. I will make a few times. I will change the embarrassment immediately. I will make a few times. I will change the embarrassment immediately. When I change the embarrassment, I will change the embarrassment, and I will change the embarrassment immediately. I will change the embarrassment, and I will change the embarrassment immediately. I will change the embarrassment and change the embarrassment. I will change the number of t

d to admire. The brain was sober, and he hurriedly shouted: “Friends! We are friends!” The words that the translator turned over were particularly funny, and the summer gave me a gun. The cold voice: “Who is a friend, you are calling.” Looking at the muzzle of the black hole, the black player’s forehead is cold and sweaty. “Calm a little, we are also players in the aristocratic area. You are killing me and I can’t grab my red crystal!” Xia Yi looked back and forth quietly. A glance at the number of black chest badges. According to the previous rules of the game, this badge is estimated to have two effects, one is to distinguish between the player and the NPC, and the other is to point out the amount of red crystals carried by the player. As for the role of red crystal, it is obviously obvious, basically linked directly to the success or failure of the task. All he has to do now is to find the partner mentioned in the mission, and then join the partner to make up 100 red crystals, and fire the fireworks at the top of the cruise. Thinking of this, Xia Yi did not consciously frown. If it is only by snatching, then the red crystals of the entire ghost card may not be enough for 250. These are only enough to fire two fireworks. Only 4 people can pass the customs. The clearance rate is too low. Therefore, there must be a fixed source of red crystal in the cruise, but not Know how it is a way to get it. The information that can be drawn at present is really too little. I thought about it in the summer, and then the man said: “How do you know that the nobility can’t grab the red crystal of the nobility?” The black player looks like ‘Are you teasing me’, race The talents are fully open, and the rhythm of the discourse is full. “The opening has been more than five hours. Have you not figured out the rules of the game yet? Or have you failed to get the ghost card, and now you enter the dolls?” How do you make sure that I must fail,” Xia Yi said with a funny smile: “Don’t I succeed in a ghost card?” “It is absolutely impossi

s habitually degrades her when she is crowded. She will step on the mud. Cai Qianqian is what it is. Good prostitute. “That is, the temper of Jiang Shantou is still unclear. How can you say that your niece is a white-eyed wolf? Are you not worried about this?” Liu Shu said loudly, “Just Jiang Yantou ran while It is said that because Yan Liang is mistaken as a thief, we still go to help, Jiang Yantou said that I really don’t know, you are a mother to fight for this little thing to fight for your niece?” Liu Shu finished, dissatisfied and glanced at Cai Guofang continued, “Although the children in our village do not obey the lessons are commonplace, but the girl’s family can’t teach this too! Besides, Jiang Shantou is now big, you are now hitting her in front of us all, let Jiang Yantou In the future, I will raise my head in front of the outsiders? You hurt a lot of Jiang Yantou, and what scars have been left behind. What do you want to marry after Jiang Shantou? Married people can’t be angry? Anyway, our family Shantou has never played this way, even if it is naughty, my mother-in-law is also sulking at home, will not come out so bright, you keep saying that it is your own relatives, you and When did you think of Jiang Yantou as your relatives?” Liu Shu finished his breath and suddenly resonated with others. When Liu Shu was a child, he had a good family. He had read a few years of books. He was one of the few “cultural people” in the village. Others might think so, but they couldn’t say what it meant. Liu Shu read the book and said it. Fluent. Liu Wei also glanced at Cai Guofang. “That is, my family’s gimmicks have always been a pet, although it is a daughter, but in the end is my own relatives, I don’t like someone to do such a heart-wrenching thing!” Liu Wei’s words have already been said very clearly. The person who made the heart is obviously referring to Cai Guofang. Cai Guofang listened to a little bit of gas, and pointed at Liu Wei for a long time. Jiang Yue gratefully glanced at Liu Shu and Liu Wei, an

hing to the hammer of the hammer. Speaking of it, the Lux is not particularly tall, it seems to be a bit tall and thin, but his strength is not small, a big hammer is running like a fly, a few lucky princes who escaped the second hammer did not escape this. A wave of killing, when it is really dying, hitting death, want to do disability has become a luxury. The masked luxus cut vegetables and melons generally resulted in several guests, and the sledgehammer was about to pounce on the prince on the stage. At this time, Luo Badao rushed over with a long railing. The hooded sergeant saw Luo overbearing, and seemed to bow a sigh. On this slap, the big railing in the hands of Luo Badao was already on the chest. Your weapon is strong and strong, his weapon is both long and thick, and Luo Badao only moves a little tail, the club head can move a few feet, because he has the handle to remove the force, the masked Luxi sledgehammer It was hard to get rid of the railings, so it was difficult to smash the railings. At this time, the arrow is still in the side of the two people. Flying and plundering, the two have to avoid the arrow and fight with the opponent, but it is also a mess. did not go to help, because the prince was around, he could not leave the prince to go with people, not to mention the sharp arrow shot on the wooden screen, the force to bring the screen almost fell, he must have to the other three People are standing together. At this time, the arrows were scattered and the entire hall was in a mess. Deep and quiet screaming, compared to the treble of the game, the seat they sit on, in the middle is a concave pit, the table is placed on the top, the legs can be placed under it, although everyone is used to it, But in such an occasion, if you have to squat on drinking, you can’t let it go. And sitting on the plate or falling down, it is not convenient for the big belly. The store only came up with this method, just use it at this time. Li Yu was also in a hurry and refused to be polite. He took the table forwar

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