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front of the Qin army camp. They also carried some fire oil in addition to the weapons. Even if thousands of people are careful to take a light footstep, they will certainly send out the sound of the cable. Fortunately, the wind is still blowing from the direction of Qin Ying to the south. At least the wind will not tell Qin Jun with a sound. There are also bonfires in the 50 steps in front of Qinying. This is what every army will do. The intention is to read the front as an early warning line. Some bonfires can only emit charcoal red light because they don’t add firewood. There is also a limited distance that can be illuminated by a bonfire that is still burning. There is an early warning line. It is impossible for Su Lie to whisper close to Qin Junying Village. What they can do is to be as close as possible. The later the time of Qin’s discovery, the better the raid on them. After all, from the discovery to the Qin army assembly. It takes time for people to defend. Nearly twenty steps away from the bonfire set up by Qin Ying, Su Li turned to look at the soldiers behind him. In fact, he looked black and lacquered, which was a subconscious movement. Nearly ten steps, Su Li took a deep breath and screamed: “attack!”, shouting and holding a giant sword to run first. “attack The word was thrown out. The soldiers who were ready to sneak up in the past were not allowed to scream in advance, but they also followed suit. The Qin, who was placed on the front line, thought that he had misunderstood, and the hesitation in a moment was just hesitation. Qin Shi, who thought that he was attacked and relaxed, they looked at the front with their eyes wide open after hesitating. The horn of the hand was ready to blow at the mouth, and the ear focused on listening to the movement in front. The first figure, the second The Tao, the third… Thousands of people appeared in the faint light of the bonfire in front of the camp. Every Qin Shi who was in charge of the alert was blindfolded. Almost subconsciously blew the horn of his m

After all, the bloated female sect is not focusing on sacrifices and pleasing the gods. After determining the action plan, the flaps are swaying with the stars. Going out of the gym and walking on the dark streets. “The words of the mayor..emmm, KP, you know that the mayor’s house is Why? “There is a map over there, don’t you go see it yourself??” There is a complete map of the town at the entrance of the school. It is to prevent the students from getting lost. It is basically not used at all, but now it is cheaper. Look carefully at the map and imprint the map in your mind. The flaps move quickly toward the position of the mayor’s house recorded on the map. There is not much time left, so you must act as soon as possible. The action of the flaps, a onlooker KP felt a bit confused. [The investigators should have already guessed what to do, but can this be done?] I doubt the action plan of the flaps. [Disguised as a swollen female sect The priest went to negotiate with the unnamed sect and provoked the dispute between the other party and Cthulhu. It was a bit reluctant. There are some problems with how to play the priest of the swollen woman.] It is obviously a later KP. I didn’t see the imported part. [The camouflage is no problem in this regard. After all, it is the true color.. Mainly I think that the believers of Hasta should not be as simple as this, even if Hasta and Cthulhu are deadly enemies, but the two sides are far apart and it is impossible to achieve this. 】 [I.. I think.. This people must have other preparations. He must not only want to provoke two old disputes.] We feel that the dispute between the two old days is no longer I can easily describe it.. [I remember that the script of Heixiang was created entirely for gameplay, so it is a real-time calculus class. Maybe it’s not really necessary to talk about it. Don’t talk, look at the people. How is it handled? 】 [To be honest, I feel that letting this direct live broadcast is a rather silly move… If the operations of the untouchables are all

the DPRK began to get busy, and eagerly and arbitrarily set up stalls in the circle. Li Yuanying went to meet Li Tai first, then met Li Zhi, and then went on a road. Li Wei. They are all Li family, they live not far, and they naturally touch a piece. Li Yuanying went to the DPRK with a few nephews, looked left and right, and felt a bit of a fly in the ointment. He couldn鈥檛 help but feel with Li Tai: Birds, everyone is not long, how can you only be horizontal? Ming Ming and his brother are not fat. Is fat obstructing you? ! Li Tai smiled and did not take Li Yuanying’s cavity. Li Zhi looked at Li Yuanying and ran away to dislike Li Tai’s posture. Inexplicably, the Xi’an wedding team’s fourth brother was a bit pitiful. During this time, he listened to the big brother who mentioned the fourth brother. There was no jealousy between the words because he was a Li family, and he was somewhat contemptuous. Although Daegu鈥檚 sentence is for him to make a plan, Li Zhi is more and more disliked to listen to it. Even if the fourth brother has targeted the big brother, it is not too bad for them. Now Uncle Shu Ming stood up to the big brother, the big brother’s prince position is as stable as Taishan, Li Zhi feels that the Xi’an wedding team does not need to join in this excitement. If he is going to fight for a fight, maybe he will become the fourth brother in the mouth of the big brother in the future, and he will be regarded as not selfreliant by Xi’an wedding car rental. At the beginning, there must have been a Xi’an wedding car rental to encourage the fourth brother to fight? Now those Xi’an wedding car rentals can still go to the door of the fourth brother? Li Zhi advised Li Yuanying: “You are not going to run on the fourth brother.” Li Tai looked at Li Zhi and didn’t say anything. The palace gate was in front of him, and all the Xi’an wedding car rentals were off the horse, let Xi’an wedding car rental horse The children went to the stables to eat and serve. Other courtiers came earlier than Li Yuanying and Xi鈥檃n鈥

he clouds are flowing, the pace is steadily and steady, and he is fascinated. Every day, there is a fixed time here. This is a sneak peek at the small figure and practicing the sword. I forgot to open the plan. For the matter of staying in martial arts, I finally got up. A little bit of interest. Later, he realized that this little figure is the only son of the owner Yin Tianying, Yin Weizhen. Also seeing Yin Tian’s response to Yin Wei’s strictness and indifference, the interaction between the two did not see a trace of father and son, Yin Wei Although he is obediently obeying his father’s request Instructed to practice diligently, but whenever Yin Tian should turn and leave, Luo Yunfei always saw him looking at his father’s back. The eleven-year-old boy’s face showed an emotion called desolate. Luo Yunfei? Yin Weizhen thought about the message of this character in memory. “Our mountain village never accepts disciples.” When he heard that Qiu Shushu said that the second son of Fengdingchengchengcheng entered the village, he felt strange. How could Zhuangzhong make a case for his disciples, and who taught him martial arts? Twins are indifferent and do not like being close to people, so it is absolutely impossible to accept apprentices. “My identity is different. My mother and your mother are handkerchiefs. Plus, I am the city owner of Fengding City. I supply a lot of materials to your villa every year, so you can only close one eye.” Let me enter Zhuang.” He said proudly: You” to remember, there is something in the future, there is my big brother to help you.” He looked at Luo Yunfei’s hearty gesture, and his heart was suddenly occupied by certain emotions. The emotion is a bit like a yearning or a sigh. He can’t tell. He has never seen a child like his age in Ruijian Mountain. He doesn’t know what the character of a teenager is. But the boy’s cheerfulness in front of him. Infected with his indifferent emotions, a small voice was produced in his heart. It seems that a big brother is quite good. Seeing Luo Yunfe

nd the four girls were the ones who looked at the son. Zhichun did not say anything wrong, that is to say too much. Shallow, let Fang Fengqi look, it is estimated that the guest is extraordinary, so Sun Jiasheng has a heart of climbing. The longer the Sun family stays, the more the phoenix hates this place, the surface is sloppy, in fact, there are some cockroaches in the back. Let the two unmarried girls go to the dragon and attach the phoenix, and I don’t know what to think. Xiaodie walks in from outside and stands outside the second door. Ding Weibao: “Four grandmother, the old lady invites you to the past. Feng Xiao put down the pen: “Do you have anything to say? “The slaves don’t know, come to Xi’an wedding car rental only to ask the four grandmother to go to a glimpse. Feng Yu went down, Zhichun helped her to put on the shoes, she went to change clothes to see Xi’an wedding car rental, with Zhichun to Xixi The church went. * Zhichun did not make a mistake, Xixitang is really smokey, and the courtyard can still see the traces left by the practice. The weather is always hot, although there is wind, but it does not blow what it seems. The smell of being scorched. I haven’t seen the old lady for a few days, and her change is very big. It seems that the Xi’an wedding car rental is a lot old. The head is wearing a forehead, half on the soft pillow, and looks calm. Zhou mother is giving her Feeding the medicine, the phoenix smashed the ceremony, and the old lady swallowed the medicine in the mouth, and then raised her hand. “Okay, don’t have so many gifts, call you here today, it is also a matter.” “I don’t know what the grandmother told me? The old lady didn’t speak. The next week’s mother said: “The old lady has not been properly attached to her body. She also looked for the master. The master made a law and said that a younger family member is needed to help the old lady copy. through. The young masters of the big house, the four grandmothers know, the four young masters are not there, several girls are still

has risen so fast. Embroidered mother’s long nails slipped three blood marks on his face. “The evil spirits in the ghost building are dead, you… No way to escape. “Father, I have time, stayed in it for so long, I learned one thing. She squatted in Qin Hai’s ear and blew a cold air. “That is how to make you die.” “You!! What do you want? Qin Hai only feels a pain in the abdomen, like something is coming into his body. He rubs his hand, picks up the phone on the table, turns on the high beam and shines on the Xi’an wedding team. Belly. I saw his white flower’s belly printed with the horrible face of embroidered mother, and she was watching his eyes smirk! “Ah! ! Qin Hai dropped the phone and madly grabbed the belly of the Xi’an wedding team. No matter how hard he scratches, the face of Xi’an wedding car rental on the belly will not disappear, and the deeper the seal. Qin Hai red eyes, crazy scratching the whole body, and soon his skin is caught in the blood, and there is no good meat. Gu Yuyi picked up his eyebrows and made a snap. The lights in the hall are lit again. The student girl looked at the already mad Qin Hai and frowned. “Useless guy! The hall is a mess, the passengers in Xi’an wedding car rentals are stunned, watching the ghosts in the hall shocked and can’t say anything. Little black cold face, with a scythe on his shoulder, still holding his hand A circle of devils. The doctor sat on the ground in surprise, and the firstaid action in his hand also froze. Xiaobai pulled up the Xi’an wedding car rental. “Don’t be afraid, although the black means is cruel, but his Xi’an wedding car rental is still very gentle. of. He just finished, the airiness of Xiaohei was even stronger. “You have a lot of words! Xiaobai smiled and shrugged his shoulders.” You will thank me later. Xiaohei: “Oh. The monks and monks around Qinhai have been reflexed, shaking their bodies and spitting foam on the floor and mourning. Gu Yuyi took the skirt to the dust, “Is there? “These little ghosts can’t help but fight, I didn’t do it.

nds on the body, a dagger was inserted in the body, and the limb was almost completely broken. 】 【Death Cause: Excessive bleeding】 【Death time: 3 am】 【Wound: Seven stab wounds, although there is a knife in the heart, but it is not the cause of death】 【Scars: It is cut after death, the blood of the body is very small. It seems to have been exhausted. The body was moved and it was very obvious. There were traces of biting on the body. The limbs were almost broken, and only some of the pork was still connected. The head is damaged very badly. 】 [You got a weird cross covered with blood from the priest’s body. Then, the flapper’s hand was drawn from the priest’s clothes, holding a weird silver cross in his hand, and a strange gimmick inlaid on the cross. Obviously, the key props started. Nothing has come a big success in the autopsy. As a result, the information has been completely touched. By the way, I also got the props that should be useful later… Recently, my luck is a little scary! “The blood of the body has dried up, so there is not much blood on the body. The limbs are again bitten by the creatures, but this gap is obviously not a masterpiece of humans or animals.” While examining the limbs of the body, the flaps said themselves. The information obtained, this is the information obtained from KP and combined with the information obtained after the observation: “The body has been moved, this is not the crime scene, the limbs are almost broken but there are fleshy connections, not sharp edges. It is caused by vigorous tearing, and because there is not much blood, it can be determined that it is done after death. It seems that the murderer has a whip corpse.” From the front of the body, the flaps moved forward. Step and then kneel down. Reaching out the hand touched the ground, and the blood was scattered on it. The blood stains had traces of spreading toward the body. It was confirmed that the body was not dragged but was thrown over by something. “Amazed! Who is the doctor?!” The orange looked at th

d in the grass cage. She is never awaiting the Xi’an wedding car rental! The next day, according to the usual practice, Wu Wu, who was hit by the uncle Xiong, just got up and saw Yin Yin in front of Xi’an wedding car team. “Awu Ge. The eyes of the clear eyes are bent and smiled. “Don’t practice it, I have something to say to you. Awu looked at Xiong Shu, who was a little beheaded, and Yin Shu quickly took Awula to the corner. She looked around and determined that there was no Xi’an wedding car rental to listen to, and asked: “Awu Ge, Xiong Shu does not want you to go to Beijing? Right, Wen Wu, A Wujun’s face showed a touch of color, “Yes, I don’t want to let me go to Beijing. These days, the old man has been pulling him and constantly knocking him down, just to kill his will and prevent him from going to Beijing. However, he wants to go, he does not want to stay in the farmland for a lifetime, it is mediocre. Especially after these days, he and his daddy made a difference and realized why no matter how he practiced in these years, he was no more than an old man. Because the old man was renting a car in the Xi’an wedding car in the battlefield, it is doomed, the old man is a mountain that can’t be crossed in front of him. Yin Yan smashed his hand. “Awu Ge, I can understand you especially. No matter how opposed by Xiong Shu, I will support you! I suddenly got a wave of support for A Wu. I haven’t had time to say thank you. I listened to Yin Yi and continued:” So Ah Wu Ge, take me to Beijing together. “?! Awu is completely stunned, “Amei, you have to go to Beijing? Yin Yi nodded. “Yes, but I may not agree with me.” “I can’t… Awu didn’t finish talking and was interrupted by Yin Yin. “Awu Ge, her light is full of sincerity, “My grandfather and grandmother They are all in Beijing, and there are my seven great aunts, grandfathers, and I want to see them. You can understand me, just like I support you, right? Awu language condenses in the throat, the key is that he is muddy bodhisattva crossing the river itself is di

fall into the devil. This position will not be noticeable, and I will not be able to withstand the temptation. “If it wasn’t for Hualichuan, I would wake up to me, I thought I could recover the Three Realms. Gu Yuyi looked straight into his eyes, and the amber eyes were clear. “I hope this is the Three Realms.” The last glimpse. The blood on the bridge has already flowed too much. The brother smiled helplessly. “Don’t talk about this, sister, if you want to come back, I will always welcome you. Gu Yuyi shook his hand with a smile. “But, I just want to be an idle wilderness. Seeing her resolute attitude, he no longer persuaded, “Sister, don’t forget to invite me at the wedding. “How can I count you half a proXi’an wedding car rental, I must attend your wedding. Gu Yuyi has a red cheek and speaks Some stuttered. “Brother, don’t want to tease me. I sent away my brother, Gu Yuyi also received a few passengers Xi’an wedding car rental. She looked at the time, closed the store door, just fell asleep not long. The window was opened by Xi’an wedding car rental, white He was wearing a red suit, and his clothes were still stained with blood. He seemed to have just rushed from the battlefield, and his suffocation had not dissipated. His white cheeks still had a few drops of blood, and the scarlet blood was He added a touch of evil charm. He took a night pearl from his arms, and the beads were crystal clear and revealing the picture when she was squatted by her brother. At that time, she was wearing a red GI and sitting on a red cloud. The shattered sunlight lit her shoulders. She turned her head and smiled at the brothers and said: “The master digs up my heart, I agree, because I have to help him fight the battlefield. “Hua Lichuan has given me a heart, and I agree, but I have not had time to return his love. “Now I am going to return his love.” The picture came to an abrupt end, and Bai Hao looked at her affectionately and asked: “The war is over, the heavens and the underworld have been out of the game, and the agreement

antom to the hut, and now Moline is the third. Moline walked over and sat next to Arnock. “Why don’t you go to learn the third time and space magic today?” Anok asked. Regarding the magic of time and space, Moline did not conceal Anok, because he also needs Arnock to help guide. “I went to practice yesterday – but I didn’t come to the magic of time and space today, but to -” Moline stared at the four breakfasts on the table. When he first came in, Mrs. Ria was ready. He and Duo’s breakfast. Moline felt very strange and asked: “Mrs. Ria, have you prepared four breakfasts in advance? Do you know that I am coming?” “Yes,” Arnock said. Moline looked at Mrs. Ria in surprise: “But – how come? Can I really be predicted now?” If Mrs. Ria can predict him, does that mean that other people – Moline remembered the inexplicable prophecy that Professor Lily Renee had conveyed yesterday, and there was some uneasiness in her heart. “Oh, of course you can’t be predicted, dear.” Mrs. Ria smiled slyly. “You are a very special person – although it can’t appear in my crystal ball, I can look for you from another angle. Mrs. Ria gently waved her hand, and the crystal ball slowly turned around her. There was a cloud of smoke in the crystal ball, which condensed the appearance of a living room, sitting in the living room with the Anok couple, and one The smoke that the group can’t get together. “I have to look at the crystal ball every morning. When my crystal ball can’t accurately predict it, I know that you are coming.” Mrs. Ria gently stroked the crystal ball, the cloud of smoke. It quickly dissipated: “This is the experience that I have summed up from you and Evan for so many years. I just saw the crystal ball appearing abnormal again. It is easy to launch it. I will prepare more breakfast for you and Xiao Duo. “More than awesome!” He said that he was licking the sandwich and said with satisfaction. “No thanks, more.” Mrs. Ria touched the head of Doyee and said with a smile. “Is it still possible?” Moline never knew it before. He to

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