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in II. The countries have to admit that the king of Chu, the strongest country, is the emperor of the emperor, forming a situation in which the “two emperors fight”. This “two emperors” is not so reliable. In fact, Chu, which showed a strong side, led the weak Qi, Yan, Zhao, Wei, Han and Qin countries to fight, but in fact only in the name The countries listed above are obeying the command of the emperor’s bear heart. The nations are not really unconditionally obeying orders from the hearts of the righteous emperors. To put it bluntly, the reason why Chu Huai Wang Xiongxin became the righteous emperor was that the anti-Qin group had to be equal to Qin from the name and did not want to lose to Qin from the administrative level. After all, the rulers of the Qin Dynasty at that time were “emperors”, and it was not good to use the “kings” to confront the countries. Since ancient times, China has been famous for its name. This “name” can be an excuse for war, but it is also the administrative level of the ruler. Therefore, princes and kings have rarely occurred in the past. Even before the confrontation, the princes will also be self-proclaimed, forming a kind of “equivalence” at the administrative level, and not losing to the other side from the momentum, forming a practical Justified. The so-called “name is justified”, the name is the administrative level. Only when the levels are comparable, then the words spoken by the mouth have the same deterrent. In the context of “needs”, Xiong Xin was listed as an “Emperor” by the nations. Then, from the point of view, the bear heart is in control of the “name”, that is to say, the bear heart holds the “big righteousness”. It is very unwise for Xiang Yu to bear the evil heart with the bear heart, especially Xiang Yu is the person who kills his boss. If you follow the secular concept, you can say that you are a deviant person. It is a person who needs to be cast aside. Xiang Yu won a brilliant victory in the battle of Julu. However, it does not mean that the crime of “under th

and summer, the most important point, the mermaid does not care to freeze the skill is a big bug, if there is no bug, Xia Xia is not missing, how can it happen? ! “” In fact, the bug is already Mermaid ‘leak’ a …… “” bug might count of how to? Fairy is not possible, do you regard summer and summer as gods? Some people really stand and talk without backache! At this moment, there is no time to watch the live broadcast barrage in the summer. He only feels that the arm is very painful, because the incorrect end gun posture in the air, the shots are shot, the direction has indeed changed, but the positive Because of this, his arm is about to dislocate. The plank can’t hold, the arm can’t make up the effort, and the mermaid is still slowly approaching. If it is changed to an ordinary person, it will already collapse, but Xiayi has a characteristic. the more the crisis, the more tense the situation more clearly his brain. mind a bit rough estimate of body burden, and now this situation, if resorted to the last effort, a return to summer can be sure you can climb the wood, but wood and how to climb Not to mention the second injury to the body, the injury is aggravated, etc., the mermaid is just approaching step by step, I am afraid that just struggling to climb the board and flying out by a tail, so the essential problems are not solved, climb up to the root It doesn’t make sense. The thoughts in the brain are round and round, and the mermaid has been close to it at this time, and it seems that there are only less than two meters left. Summer is difficult to lift the gun, aiming The direction of the fish. Mermaid sea monster mocking smile, unlike the graceful voice, his laughter seemed hoarse dumb, extremely ugly. “Do not bother slightly, your bullets can not kill it, do not believe you can try. The female referee stood in the middle of the platform, covering her lips, smiling with a hint of guilt. The mermaid sea monster stopped the pace and listened to the words of the female referee. It was only standing in the

unning dogs are basically arrested, and it is determined that only the old seven and several cronies are left. It is not too big a threat. This time I have confidence to protect you.” Qin Yu did not speak. Gu Chengyan was sitting on the wall with Qin Youyin, and he did not look at his direction. Wang Hao went on to say: “According to the latest arrests, several people said that the bounty is still going up. In the past few days, it has risen from 5 million to 8 million. Because there is more Gu Chengyan, he has broken twice. Things, Duan Laoqi did not intend to ignore him.” Qin Youyin’s back is abrupt, his face brushed white. Gu Chengyan covered her ears with both hands. Qin Youyin hurriedly pulled down and stood up tightly. Wang Hao seemed to sigh: “I thought about him. I said that he didn’t drown the water. As a result, he ran for more than two months, and now he wandered in. Can you blame, I listen to those people. The tone is simply lawless, saying that killing a world champion, and eight million to pay for the family, the loss of life and blood can not make a loss.” Qin Yuyin lips twitching, wrists tremble. Gu Chengyan pulled her into her arms and hugged her, low and low: “Oh, it’s okay.” Qin Yu’s face was stiff and his voice said: “The old man is now nowhere to go, and he has to guard against desperation. Excessive behavior.” Wang Hao is not so worried: “Reassure the captain, I will pick you up as soon as possible. Now, unlike before, the police force is sufficient, and there will be no accidents.” After a day that will not happen. Wang Wei arranged more than ten people from four vehicles to receive the escort. He also informed the local police to cooperate and protect, and set the night and night at 7:00 pm. Gu Chengyan had nothing to do with him. He packed Qin Xiaoyin’s small parcel and kept walking around her. At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, there is still one hour away from the departure. In the early winter season, the sun has already sunk and the night is coming. In the ward, several brothers and

p between Zheng Juzhong and Gao Song is harmonious. Although the childhood is great, it is more of a military power. Since it is governed by military power, how can it stay in the capital? Just saying that inside the capital, why is Gaochun not making an elbow in Zhengjuzhong? It’s just that time passes, and at the moment, he has to cover up the sorghum. At that time, Gao Tang’s official document was pressed down. On the evening of the same day, someone sent to Gaochun Taifu. When Gao Hao met, he was also mad at the moment. At this critical moment, he could not allow anyone to jump out and ruin his chance. People are asking for high prices to ask questions, and the latter is also living in the government. It was introduced in a short time. He wears a black towel and wears a brown coat. There was a short beard in front of it, and the yellowish skin was a bit sharp and mean. Gao Hao looked at him in the week and said: “Look at you like a sly, not like an official of the people, but also a person. How strange people say that you are very bad in Gaotang political sect. If you really want to learn truth, I will Let you be a Taoist, so you are happy, but also save me from making trouble.” Gaolian face is mean, now he is dead, and even more. He was arrogant at this time, and thought that there was something to discuss, but it was such a rhetoric. He smiled and said: “Meng brothers care for the younger brother and transfer the younger brother back to Tokyo. In Gaotang, things have already passed. Why did the brothers come up again?” Gao Weidao: “Today Gaotangzhou New Zhizhou has a written report to Beijing. There are thousands of soldiers and horses in the department. The implication is that you can’t keep the city. You can’t blame him, but your predecessor. When you were in office, you reported that it was 5,000 soldiers and horses. Although I expect you to engulf a little, I can’t think of engulfing a lot!” Gao Lian said: “This new Zhizhou, after the appointment, does not immediately make a statement, now Liangshan t

always fails inexplicably and loses a mess. Although Li Shimin often asks for sorrow, for such a fresh and refined flattering, it is the same as a single receipt, and smiles. However, at this time, of course, he will not express his opinion on Li Yu. After so long careful maintenance, the mustard between the father and him finally melted, and Li Shimin’s tears are not fake. The burden that had been on his shoulders for a long time was finally unloaded. The murdered Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji’s father, and the imperial concubine who was forced to give him the throneFinally, he and his release of the suspicion, really keep the cloud open to see the moon. Princess Gaoyang’s eyes turned and stood up and said: “Grandpa, my father knows that the grandfather likes to eat venison, drink deer blood, and today’s hunting, specially for the grandfather to hunt deer. When chasing, he was almost injured by a black bear. “This is also what she can say, Li Shimin has already issued a password, not to mention the assassination of today, and related matters have become taboos, saying that it is not good to shoot a horse on the horse’s leg, others are more scruples I dare not say it, but a girl in Gaoyang is not like the emperor of the emperor and the minister of civil and military. Li Yuan listened, and blamed Li Shimin: “The people, you are now an emperor, and you can do it in such a way!” Li Shimin said: “My father naturally does not have a fitness boutique, but the son personally uses it, Fang Xianxiao Sincerely!” Li Shimin turned his head and glanced at Gaoyang, but he did not see the sternness and sorrow, but he was quite appreciative. Li Yuan was very happy, said: “Since hunting the deer, the deer blood is still not present?” The blood of the sika deer and the red deer is a valuable Chinese medicine. In ancient times, it was a kind of treasure that was favored by the court nobles and the officials. Known as the Danfang of Xianjia. Today, Li Shimin really hunted a few deer, and there was still alive. This time, he immedia

n discovered by any creatures, but the youngsters disguised as trees have all disappeared. Today is the day to summon black goats. They must be present, or they are disrespectful to their mothers. “Well, I already felt it, that nasty breath. She is coming soon.” When the flaps stepped into the sacrifice field, Naog had already felt it. He looked up and looked at the sacrifice field. The bloody smell is permeated in this area, countless bodies are being swallowed by twisted monsters, a huge crack is unfolding, countless tentacles like dry bark are coming out of the crack, and then a huge The monster, like a goat’s hoof, sticks out of the crack and steps on the ground. The flaps suddenly feel the vibration of the earth. This terrible figure reminds the flaps of what they encountered when they were in Shanghai. The cub of the black goat, and this one in front of him is the black goat deity. “Well? I feel the breath that makes me sick… fog..” Surprisingly, the sound of the black goat is not disgusting, nor is it a tone that cannot be heard. It is very sweet, just listening to the sound. It gives people the idea that this is a mature woman. The voice did not fall, the red lotus fire burst out from the darkness, swept to the black goat that had emerged completely from the crack. This is a terrible monster. Its existence is a kind of awkwardness to the world. Its horror is unheard of. Its power is capable of destroying the world, and it is itself a taboo. The mother of a thousand black goats, Shab Nicholas. This is the first time that the flaps officially met with Shabu. As a result, the three pillars of the original god and the king of the gods, the four wings that stood at the apex of the gods have all met, and the flaps are still Three of them are good.. Yes, black goats, you are so shameful, or you are going back. Don’t let Assato do it, or you don’t have much face. “Oh, that little rabbit seems to be very nice… Unfortunately, you are mine. With a ridiculous smile, Naog raised his hand and the hand of the flap w

r into the ground, and his horse fell down. It was only after this time that it was exhausted. At this time, it finally escaped to a relatively hidden and safe place, and could no longer stand. However, he is not so uncomfortable, but there is straw. It is the autumn season, here is a river, there are several piles of straw under the road, people fall to the surface, but also soft Li Yuben wants to find a mountain temple or a land temple. He used to watch TV and read novels. He has such a place, and generally has no incense, can save himself, and does not have to deal with the temple owner. Unfortunately, this After running down together, he really saw a land temple, but he was so small that he couldn’t even plug his ass. Huh…” Li fish panted for a long time, and then he breathed a little. If the fifth Ling feels that he is falling in the straw pile, he is secretly alert. Li fish is not prepared, quietly hid the wheel of the universe, and unplugged the scorpion, hidden in the sleeves. “Lang… Lang Jun, where is this, what do you bring me here?” “This is… I don’t know, it’s a rice field, I don’t know where the farm is far, there should be a village nearby.” In the straw pile, looking up at the blue sky, the sky and the white clouds are blossoming, and the white clouds of his heart are still lingering: “Don’t worry, I am really not a bad person. Your home is far away, so you know how to return.” Road, I don’t know where to go now. Your eyes are not good, you can at least ask the way to go home, I ask for directions, no one knows how to go…” Li Yu is really sad at this time. Never. A blink of an eye back ten years ago, the problem is that he does not know how to go back! Is there another Lee fish in Lizhou now? Auspicious does not know whether to move to Lizhou with his family. What should he do in the past ten years? No matter how it is, what he has experienced in the future, he can no longer re-interpret it as before. He doesn’t care about life like that, and he doesn’t mind starting a new life. However, t

there is no cramped and uncomfortable, plus he just did not entangle the rope buckle, this will be believed by Zhang. But Sumi still had a question in his heart. Really just like this? Even if you can’t do it, can’t you play next to it? Shi Lei is not such a person who is not considerate! Sumi turned back and put the chili and egg sauce on the table, thinking about it and finishing it. The table is going to go out and take a look at Zhang Yuyu and ask what is going on. “Sumi, you can make another egg-flower soup, let’s eat.” Zhang put a pot of ribs in the pot on the table and shouted a Sumi. It was just that Sumi wanted to go to the tableware at this time. After hearing Zhang’s words, he stopped. “Is it necessary to take the dishes? I am coming to me, you are going to be busy.” Shi Lei at this time was particularly eye-catching, and saw Sumi seem to be in the direction of the cabinet to quickly stand up and say. Sumi had some helplessness. She glanced at the door and called the two children who were playing at the same time to go out with Zhang Yuyu. By the way, I could see if there was anything I could do. I thought about what I had just finished eating for a while. Ask Zhang Yuyu. “I have been thinking about eating a little pickle in the past few days. Today, Zhang Wei let me do it. I still have a good mouth. This sauce, smells it! It tastes better!” Shi Lei put the tableware After sitting on the table, I sighed and smelled the egg chili sauce, and looked up and said to Zhang. “If you want to eat anything in the future, you will say directly to Zhang Wei, Zhang Hao will do it for you, you will treat this place as your own home, and you will not be polite.” Zhang was embarrassed by Shi Lei. Said immediately. “Zhang Wei, you are very kind to me.” Shi Lei stunned, the smile of the mouth has been a little more sincere. “You and Yuyu are about the same age. In my opinion, they are the same as my children. Zhang Wei really likes you very much. I really don’t think that you should be separated from us. I completely

it was Long Qing. Nod, no more. “Let’s eat, you said to your sister, you have to remember, the cake is finished, hurry to eat. I think this eight-treasure duck is sure to be delicious, you try it. Zhang told Zhang Yuyu. The internal organs of the eight-treasure duck’s stomach have been removed by Sumi, replaced by a variety of delicious diced diced mushrooms and diced ham. “This babao duck is doing it.” It should be very laborious, that is, the good heart of the girl, so that it can be worn on the food. If you let Yuyu come, I would rather not eat it, nor will it do it. Shi Lei looked at the dragon inside the eight-treasure duck, and tasted the taste of the eight-treasure duck. He said with amazement. Sumi smiled and didn’t speak. Because she always liked soup very much, so she was cooking. At the time, I will subconsciously eat some soup. It’s like this eight-treasure duck. Everyone looks at how many good things are in this belly. Actually, I don’t know. It’s really delicious. It has become a white milk. Yellow soup. But this Babao duck is not a soup made by the eight children, so it won’t be like a chicken stew. A chicken can almost give out ten bowls of chicken soup. It’s just that it will be able to bring out two small bowls of soup. But the two bowls of soup are the best of the eight treasured ducks, and all the essences are doubled. If you say the past, these two The soup in the small bowl is naturally for the blossoming and Zhang’s, but now it is not. “What is this? Can this soup be drinkable? Will it be too tired? Zhang Yuyu frowned and glanced at the soup that Sumi handed over. Some disgusted. She is not as good as before. If it was before, this soup is greasy and not greasy. It’s really nothing for her, as long as it’s not Drinking oil, she can easily drink it. But now it’s not greasy, just now she saw a dish of meat is a little uncomfortable. How can Sumi know what Zhang Yuyu thinks? Smile this bowl The soup was placed in front of Zhang Yuyu: “Don’t I know that you can’t eat greasy things now?

and he did enough. Ready to wait, but after a while, Nanxun got it. “So fast? “Ging Yu Yu curious, holding Nan Yan’s face to look carefully. “I will cover the dark circles, of course, fast. Said Nanxun. “I also applied lipstick.” “Jiang Yu’s gaze is fixed on her lips. It was originally red, painted with this color. Her face is more vivid and fascinating, making people want to take a bite. Seeing his eyes change slightly, Nanxun is busy pulling his hand.” , smiled and said: “If you need to work, just apply a little bit. I will take a few copies of the information and leave. Wait a second. Nanxun found out what to take in the book folder, and saw Jiang Yuxi put the lipstick she had just used into the bag, and Nanxun looked at him with a puzzled look. “Take it with you, if you are not careful about it for a while.” What should I do if I am eaten? “Jiang Yuzheng kindly proposed. Nanxun thought about it, but had to go to breakfast, put the information into a file bag, and went out with Jiang Yuxi. …… At the hotel, Nanxun and Jiang Yuxi went directly to the restaurant on the second floor to eat, and then went to the exhibition hall. Nanxun discussed the manuscript with the painter. He was afraid that Jiang Yuxi was bored. He asked Jiang Yuxi to wait in the lounge. The introduction of the exhibition was temporarily cancelled by the organizer. Nanxun did not need to go to the stage to read the manuscript. He only needed to re-draft the translation. to make. In the lounge, Jiang Yuyu sits on the sofa, a lazy appearance, the exhibition has begun, the TV screen switches to the exhibition site, and there are foreigners coming to the exhibition hall, and there is a white skirt in the south to meet. Just stop and laugh a few words. Jiang Yuxi stared at the screen, and his lips faintly raised a smile. At this time, the window was bright, and the light was spilled in. The shallow and light shadows on his Qingjun’s face were swayed, and the long legs overlapped. The white ironing shirt lining his eyebrows more and more hard

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