Hard, after all, it can be made. This is absolutely strong technology.

Ye Donglai carefully put the medicinal materials into place, with a strong experience and technology, methodically refining.

After all, there was no Psychic Influence on alchemy, so sweat appeared on his forehead quickly.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, he has been in a mess.

“It’s better to admit defeat directly, and continue to lose money in the province.” Wang Yan turned his head and laughed at alchemy.

After that, he increased the progress of alchemy in his furnace.

Wang Yan was in a good mood, and the alchemy became more and more successful because he decided that ye Dong would be defeated.

When he spoke, he looked at the red oven from his eyes to his eyes from time to time.

However, when his eyes fell again, he heard the cold voice of Ye Dong: “Tang Tang will be a good way.”

“What do you mean?” Wang Yan’s face was calm, but there was some doubt in his heart. Did he find it? No, it’s impossible. I know only the cracks.

“When the alchemy is over, I’ll find your account again.” Ye Donglai has a low voice.

After that, the fire in the furnace of Ye Dong came to a great extent.

When he was making alchemy, he found some slight anomalies in the Dan stove.If he hadn’t had enough experience, he wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

I’m afraid even the top middle-level alchemists would never have imagined that there was a small crack in the Dan stove.

Although the cracks are small, they may cause unexpected consequences at any time. The most direct is the frying furnace.

Especially in the construction of this medicine, the power and flame are very strong, and can be exploded at any time because of the crack.

Alchemy has already been half-way, and it is very troublesome to stop halfway.

But when the flame is weakened, the difficulty of refining is increased. In desperation, his alchemy progress slowed down.

“It seems that he is going to give up?”

“Give up or admit defeat earlier, it is more admirable.”

“No, it’s not like giving up. What kind of alchemy is this?”

Many members of Dan Hui’s heart became more and more suspicious after seeing the change of the stove in the East.

207th chapter 207. absolute Technology

The layman sees the bustle, and the man sees the doorway.

Everyone can’t understand what Dong Dong is doing. Dan Dan will be president Luo Jinming. His eyes suddenly flickered.

He accidentally glanced at Ye Donglai and always felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

After thinking for a long time, he woke up suddenly. Ye Dong’s approach to making alchemy is similar to some of the predecessors in Ling Ge.

At that time, the man in Ling pavilion was demonstrated in person.When the alchemy midway accident, how to control, how to save……

Ye Donglai’s technique at this time, and the former