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tted crimes to be caught by the Ministry of Magic again. “I don’t know if I am doing this right.” Moline picked up the pen and rewrote it again. It was changed into a letter from Frey asking him about Sweet, but he didn’t know that Sweet had already disappeared. fact. He also specifically emphasized in his letter that he did not know where Freud was. Moline wrote a letter, then rolled up the letter and opened the cage of the owl. Yesterday, the owl that Freud sent the letter with the blood curse was still curled up in the cage. It looked very uninspired. He planned to use his own owl. Moline stuffed the letter into the skin of his owl’s lap and said, “Go to Magog or Professor Francis. Which one is close to you, please.” The owl gently licked his Hands, then spread the wings and jumped into the sky. The 461th chapter of Prof. Francis’s olfactory owl sent a letter very quickly, almost just an hour before, the door knocking has already sounded outside the door. When Moline ran to open the door, he found that both Magma and Prof. Francis stood outside the door and looked at him with a serious look. “I received your letter and immediately contacted the principal’s apparition to move over,” Professor Francis said indifferently. “Is there anyone in your family?” asked the headmaster McGonagall. “No, my grandfather hasn’t come back yet.” Moline quickly invited the two of them to come in, then went to the kettle to prepare to boil water. “We are not coming to drink tea. You don’t have to worry about it. Let’s talk about it in detail.” Professor Francis went straight to the point. “You said, is Floyd’s letter to you?” “Yes, Floyd wrote to me yesterday. He asked me about Sweet, and I knew that Sweet was not there.” Moline gave up the water and sat on the sofa. Facing the two, he knew that it was another interrogation. “What about the letter?” asked the headmaster McGonagall. “It burned down, there was a strange magic, it burned itself, and there was no gray left.” Moline was the truth, he was afraid that the two men wou

han 150 million pounds, and the overall market value is only more than one billion dollars. How can it compete with Ye Dongqing? The front foot just spent so much money, like a singular, and then went to Kensington Palace Garden Street to see the house. Currently only two are sold, priced at £57 million and £84 million, respectively, are houses with gardens, more expensive than the island next to Long Island, and also pay up to Nearly 10 million pounds of stamp duty, if the freshwater investment group can pay tax after paying the bill, he will probably feel distressed for two days. It is worth mentioning that the purchase of antiques can also be tax deductible. After being bought by the Danshui Investment Group, it will be donated to the family charity trust fund under the name of Ye Dongqing. This means that a large amount of money can be saved when the tax is paid next year. It is a donation, but it is in the form of physical objects. Now the Danshui Investment Group still has only one of his shareholders. It can be tossed within the scope permitted by the laws of the United States and New York State. It is a kind of legal tax avoidance. After buying a house, I can also donate it. In this way, wealthy is in the name of charitable trusts, and in his personal name, there is almost no difference. Anyway, he manages charitable foundations, decisions made, and financial trends do not need to be disclosed, or Ye Dongqing’s things. . The Kensington Palace, which belongs to the royal family, is not far away. There are many embassies next to it. The architectural styles are different. At this moment, the real estate agent is taking them to see the “cheap” building, with a total area of ??more than 1,500 square meters. The building is about 260 meters above each floor, with a total of four floors, a courtyard with a swimming pool and a small garden. “Have you just renovated it?” Laura smelled the paint after entering the house, and casually asked the handsome middle-aged agent with white blonde hair. “Yes, after the

s. “…” Neuropathy! On the morning of the New Year’s Day, I have tossed up so long to prove that he is very powerful! Just so vengeful, so careful?! * After lunch, Lu Xiao suddenly remembered something: ” Today, Chinese New Year, should you give me a year of money? Zhou Huai’s first sigh, it seems that after a second, she is reacting to what she is saying. The word “old money” has almost never been heard in 17 or 8 years. He raised his eyebrows and said with a little funny: “The old money should not be.” Is it for children? Mrs. Zhou, how old are you? Lu Xiao looked at him and looked very serious: “No, my parents said that when they were young, they would give me a marriage. They are gone, and my aunt is still given every year.” He was a little surprised. He thought about it: “They are all your elders. How can a husband give his wife a crush?” Her eyes focused on it, but she asked him quite seriously: “Can you not be my brother?” I always called my uncle at the beginning, what is it not an elder? “…” Well, he was speechless. The financial fans came up, and Deer Xiao sighed for a long time, a very lossy look: “Think carefully, there is no money for marriage.” It is hard to accept. Two seconds in silence, she blurted out: “I think I will marry as soon as possible.” She looked at him sideways and suddenly said sincerely, “Or we will get married later.” “…” Zhou Huai’s face was black, and the more he said, the more outrageous. If she didn’t want to marry when she graduated like this, what should she do if she didn’t want to marry? He was very helpless and stared at her: “You are a financial fan, Just remember that little money, how do you not want to have a lot of money? “Oh? It seems to be… Deer Xiaoyan’s eyes, an instant interest: “How much is the bride price?” Zhou Huai smiled and didn’t speak. After a while, he took out all his belongings, bank card, asset certificate, share authorization, and any prize certificate he won. Well, there is a wallet and a body. A total of 1,372 pieces of five-fifth cash wer

n over the information and did not conceive it for the time being, but the purpose has always been clear the quality must be good! Therefore, the first day the research team is going to do is to check the information. Because they had a holiday on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, today is already twentyfour. The plan for the wine is to make all the basic ideas and designs of the ‘super TV’ before 28 o’clock. Li Song heard that it was stunned. It’s only four days to live! What kind of fairy group he is special! It is important to know that the most important thing in scientific research is the conception and design of the first step. It will run through the whole experimental process. It can be said that it is both the guiding light in the experimental process and the most indispensable part of the whole experiment. Therefore, according to the experience of Li Song’s previous participation in certain experiments, it is estimated that it will take at least one month to perfect this concept. What is the ghost of four days? ! Also, Wang Yang’s face is a few words that agree with frequent nodding? Professor Liu often said that it is necessary to be downtoearth in scientific research! His father also often warned Xi’an wedding team to be down to earth! However, a group rented a car for three Xi’an weddings, except that he was still downtoearth in the other two Xi’an wedding car rentals! Is this going to be an experiment or going to heaven? ! The first day of the group’s opening, Li Song can be described as a hard work. Forget it, he will follow it! Turning over the information and drinking warm white, when the wine shook the chubby legs and the two members began to chat after dinner, Li Song was not used to it at the beginning, chatted and slowly integrated into the atmosphere, he finally Realizing that when the wine is slow to talk, it is really not intentional. It seems that she is the tone of the conversation, no matter who she is talking about. In addition to eating, she will be much lighter. For this di

rt into the bone marrow. Even 20 years ago, his most proud student was forced to die by the royal family, which was even more painful. Yin Laojiao also missed the time when he and Yi Laojun had nothing to say. At that time, the two Xi’an wedding car rentals were still highspirited teenagers. “In that year, I did not want to enter the DPRK by the relationship of the Yin family. I took the Wu Zhuangyuan and the old dog. It was the Wenzhao of that year. Yin Laojiao said that there was a smile on his face, and his face was filled with nostalgia. Ah, what I admire most is the easy old dog. He is a coldheaded person. He relies on the Xi’an wedding car team to sit in the position of the prime minister. He and those who know the world do not know how to play the astronomical court, not the same, knowing that we are not easy, I The two were in the southern suburbs of Beijing, and they worshipped the son. He sighed, but then he changed everything. Nothing is clearer than him. In the past, he has a clear heart and what does it have to do with Yi Laojiao. The emperor wants to do things, who can stop, even the entire Xi’an wedding car rental home in Hung Hom town, no one noticed that his wife was taken away. It’s just the resentment in his heart, hate, nowhere to pour, why can’t he be the one today. His Yin family is still in the capital, and his sister is still in the palace. At that time, he was holding the Yin, who was still stunned. I can’t wait to die, and I went with Yin Yiniang, but Yin Yi is still so small. Then I am old and glaring at him. I have never had the strength. “You have to hate me. It’s my fault that your family broke Xi’an wedding car rental. It’s me, it’s my fault. He really hates it. I’m so embarrassed and hated him for so many years. But in those years, sometimes he thought that Yin Yin was so big, he could rest assured to find her mother, the first thought of the Xi’an wedding car rental that can be entrusted. It’s still easy to be old. Yin Laojun looks at Yin Yi. “Is it worth usele

ple in each row, three feet apart from each other, separated by three feet. They are not modern cavalry of later generations, so the density is enough. The two wings are the light rides led by Huarong. On the side of Hu Yan’s body is Sai Rengui Guo Sheng, who holds the hand-painted sky painting. He is the tiger camper. The rifle and spear erected on the array shine in the sunlight. The Tigers and the Iron Riders are mixed with many light cavalry and cannot be found. Under the cover of the flag and the dust, the Liao army could not find such a strange soldier in the Liangshan army. On weekdays, they have a special logistics team to follow, how can Yan Yanguang know? It’s their turn to come in handy now. The first column is a rifle with a length of five feet, the second row is a steel cone gun shorter than one foot, the third row uses a large knife, and the last two rows are thickened and aggravated one-handed. saber. The messy horseshoes were full and unified, and the cavalry units on both sides approached about three hundred steps. Hu Yanzhuo shook the flag, and the speed of the entire queue was increased at a speed visible to the naked eye. Hu Yanzhuo did not go to see the enemy on the opposite side. He only watched his own array while running around. He had already known the tiger camp in Lu Qian’s army. This heavy cavalry led by Guo Sheng was the only one in Liangshan Army. One with an iron ride. It is said that the initial share was the five-battalion system, but later it became the three battalions, the two battalions were the main battle, and the first battalion was prepared. Full of surging horse heads, but can maintain a long line, so the ability to call Hu Yanzhu surprised. He played the serial horse on the same day, the reason is not that the men’s cavalry is too poor, and there is no neat queue in the running. And this kind of iron riding, when holding a plane, the impact is the strongest. Guo Sheng’s face showed a smile, and the array was not messy because of running. This was the result of the ha

he lives of the predecessors.” The bonfire was angry and the weapon was rushing, and Shi Bao was slowed down. The latter is also reluctant to attack a veteran with Qin Ming. He only looks at the guards behind Xu Jing. A few breathing exercises rushed into the crowd, raising his hand and slashing his knees. The spirits condense, and the little depression in the heart is vented, the knife shines, and the momentum is fierce. Xu Laoyuan is not a vegetarian. The same dance guns are rushing, and Qin and Ming are intertwined in an instant. The guns intersect and make a loud collision. Qin Ming is young and strong, and his martial arts is at its peak. When the guns intersected, the strength of the mace was so easily resolved. In the moment of the two rides, the backhand was back, and Xu Jing was forced to drop down. Xu Jing took the Qin Ming all-out attack, but his face was red and purple, forcibly pressing down the body’s blood, and bowed down, it was a direct escape from Qin Ming’s return. If it is a fighting, Xu Jing and Qin Ming each rushed out dozens of steps after riding, they need to tighten the reins and turn around. It is a pity that Qin Ming did this, and Xu Jing went straight to Lu Qian. clang! The axe flashed like a train, and it was an amazing loud noise. Xu Jing made a roar in his throat, but he was prepared for the vanguard, but he was not allowed to escape again. The two men’s lanterns also seem to kill a group. The final outcome has not been self-evident. Xu Jingxu is really angry for the death of Jing Zhong. The relationship between Laojiao and Jingzhong is not very secret. It can be “unique” in the official forum of the Song Dynasty, just like the Wuyue Jianpai. Now it hurts one and calls him angry. But Xu Jing, who is angry again, can’t be incarnate as a superhero sweeping the Quartet, and the final result can only be defeated. Lu Qian cut off Xu Laoyuan, and the official army of this road left only the Jingbei Hongnong Festival to make Wang Wende and Zhangzhou Minnan Festival to make Mei Exhibition.

er the hospitality of Bossi. It was the whole camel that removed the internal organs, and then the roasting method was not removed. Something else, not only smells incense, but also tastes delicious. The two humps that were most delicious at that time, one belonged to Bo Xixi and the other to He Wei. There was no Liu Bang’s share at all, so this time it is inevitable to hold the expectation. People have not yet arrived at the mountain bag, because of the wind direction Liu Bang nose Xi’an wedding car rental smelled the smell of meat in the air. Let him accelerate his foot involuntarily. Liu Bang has not arrived yet, and it seems that it is a confession that has been greeted. The hard-wearing dress made Liu Bang look at God. Everything was just because he was wearing a leather jacket with a style similar to Liu Bang, and he wore a cloak outside. Pay attention to the collar, the pattern of the pattern painting is a big bang, it is a very popular pattern on the empire. Needless to guess, the clothes that are difficult to slap on the body are definitely produced by the empire, not only the coat of the upper body. The hat on the head, the holster in the hand, and the boots on the feet, almost all come from the empire. It is unclear whether the unruly one is the purchase of the Wusun Envoys in the Imperial Nanling, or the reward from the emperor. It was difficult to pay tribute to Liu Bang from afar, and he arched his hand to open the cloak, revealing a sword hanging over his waist. The length of the sword is about seventy-five centimeters. It has a very traditional Chinese style, with carved patterns on the hilt, and sculpted patterns and related ornaments on the scabbard. In fact, the hilt of each sword has a different style of pattern. No matter what the pattern is, it is actually for anti-slip. Liu Bang, who saw the sword, immediately understood that the unruly one was definitely from the emperor’s reward. The pattern of the sword was special. The scabbard wood was from Nanyang, and the wood of Nanyang was flooded

w collections. Few authors will continue to write it down. I am trying to make up for the regrets, and I am not interested in the results. Slowly, the collection seems to have become more and more. I don’t know where this book was dug out from where you came from. There is no recommendation and there are four thousand collections. It is really amazing. Probably a lot of readers come from the secluded big scorpion, and the scorpion comes with traffic. When I wrote a million words, I went to the editor with a cheeky face, and the editor finally gave the recommendation. That is the only recommendation of this book, and I feel bad about myself. I originally conceived seven magical worlds. Now I only wrote three (painting the world, the abyss, the mirror world). A large part of the reason is that interest has been wiped out, as if there is no motivation to write it down. I haven’t broken it anymore, and it’s stable and updated. But in April, I can’t write it completely, not the story is stuck. (This novel outline is in my mind, there is no Cavin plot, it’s a matter of course), but No power. There is a limit to interest writing. When you spend too much time without paying back, one day you will be questioning what you are doing? I am lost. Just let go! I need to write something else to change my mood, and when I think about it, come back and write this. If the new book scores well, I don’t have to pay attention to the results of this same humanity. At that time, if I take some time to write this book, I won’t suffer. Therefore, I hope that everyone will support the new book “The Spiritual Recovery” and vote for more votes. I have a lot of comments, but considering that I have to charge for a thousand words, I will quickly delete the remaining 10,000 words and let me lose money. I originally conceived seven magical worlds. Now I only wrote three (painting the world, the abyss, the mirror world). A large part of the reason is that interest has been wiped out, as if there is no motivation to write it down. I haven’t

front of the Qin army camp. They also carried some fire oil in addition to the weapons. Even if thousands of people are careful to take a light footstep, they will certainly send out the sound of the cable. Fortunately, the wind is still blowing from the direction of Qin Ying to the south. At least the wind will not tell Qin Jun with a sound. There are also bonfires in the 50 steps in front of Qinying. This is what every army will do. The intention is to read the front as an early warning line. Some bonfires can only emit charcoal red light because they don’t add firewood. There is also a limited distance that can be illuminated by a bonfire that is still burning. There is an early warning line. It is impossible for Su Lie to whisper close to Qin Junying Village. What they can do is to be as close as possible. The later the time of Qin’s discovery, the better the raid on them. After all, from the discovery to the Qin army assembly. It takes time for people to defend. Nearly twenty steps away from the bonfire set up by Qin Ying, Su Li turned to look at the soldiers behind him. In fact, he looked black and lacquered, which was a subconscious movement. Nearly ten steps, Su Li took a deep breath and screamed: “attack!”, shouting and holding a giant sword to run first. “attack The word was thrown out. The soldiers who were ready to sneak up in the past were not allowed to scream in advance, but they also followed suit. The Qin, who was placed on the front line, thought that he had misunderstood, and the hesitation in a moment was just hesitation. Qin Shi, who thought that he was attacked and relaxed, they looked at the front with their eyes wide open after hesitating. The horn of the hand was ready to blow at the mouth, and the ear focused on listening to the movement in front. The first figure, the second The Tao, the third… Thousands of people appeared in the faint light of the bonfire in front of the camp. Every Qin Shi who was in charge of the alert was blindfolded. Almost subconsciously blew the horn of his m

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