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he mysterious heroes. He didn’t know what the two men were, and he sat down with the idea of ??doing more than one thing. Going back. Not strong, you wear a bamboo pole to do it. Luo Badao squatted with a knife, and squatted forward steadily. The gaze of the sword was generally directed at the edge of the stalk and straight toward the front. Shen Sheng said: “On your words, this is called imposing, understand? We are not a horse now, we must control the West City, and we can’t do it by killing and killing. This is called the first voice, understand? greatly turned a blank eye, his eyes turned, and suddenly saw a drink at the roadside. In the small cup, the sheep cheese was pure white as jade Two cups, look at the eyes, said: “Look at what, from today, this West City, is the lord I cover! took the sheep cheese back, tasted a bite, opened his eyes and smiled, and handed another cup to Luo Badao: “Big brother, you taste, taste good!” Luo Badao licked the knife and took a sip of the sheep. The eyebrows suddenly turned aside: “Well!” really not bad! Be authentic! Luo Badao and Qiangan Shenji took a cup of sheep in one hand and squatted. They always walked under the “East Fence”. The so-called domineering that had been brewing for a long time was gone, but the two did not know. I had to sway and sway, and I didn’t notice the smashing color of the sheep’s cheese, and it’s a hint of color. It’s hard to predict whether it’s going to pick the chrysanthemum or the violent chrysanthemum. Chapter 190 Going upstairs, Luo Badao and Qiangan Chengji went to the “East Fence” and looked up and looked at the huge plaque. Luo Badao Shen Sheng said: “This is the ‘winter pear’?” 一指门小二, shouted: “Hey! Ask you, this is ‘dong pear down’?” Shop Xiao Er with a smile : “It is the two lords, this is the ‘under the east fence’, you two invited!” Luo over the road with a knife, nodded in a majestic position, stepping forward, cold eyes, see the first floor hall, one hundred and ten The table was scattered, almost 80%, three or fiv

with good looks and noble morality. Li Yu has a memory of the two worlds, and naturally knows this, but the main thinking that controls him is the modern one, so he still habitually associates the beauty with the woman. When he listens to the title, he almost didn’t fall. “Great!” Deep girl’s eyes lit up the stars, Mr. Su’s grace, temperament, that color… For the deep girl who eats goods and controls, it is really an irresistible temptation. But soon, the deep girl repented to see Su Youdao. Because when she pulled the fish, her face rushed to the room where Su Youdao was in a hurry, and just after listening to Li Yu’s introduction to her soon, Mr. Su, she started playing. “Hello, Su After a word, the face is so thick that I never know what the blush is, the deep girl has already put A face became a little hen just laying eggs. Chapter 209 The unexpected news was captured by Su Youdao, and Li Yu took the tribute. The funeral book signed by Yan Longyi was reported to Taichang Temple, and Taichang Temple was transferred to the emperor. In fact, if the average person wants to keep filial piety, Taichang Temple will directly exempt his official from the rules and make him filial. However, the officers at this level of Xiaolong are different. Moreover, when he returned to Beijing this time, he was transferred to the Beijing military. The position was sensitive, and it was decided by the emperor. Li Shimin is naturally not willing to spend three years in this general, but the filial piety is the first, especially his own old man is awkward with him. In filial piety, he can’t care about it. After some discretion, he will make a decree and let him go to work. Keep filial piety. However, according to the rules, filial piety should be 27 months, because in ancient times, mothers generally breastfeeded their children, roughly 27 months or so, so the filial period was set to be so long. In the imperial edict, Li Shimin ordered his filial period to be shortened to one hundred days. After a hundred days of filial piety, he

t hurt the company. The tone was a bit sloppy, and said to Ye Dongqing: “When I find out who is doing the ghost, I must try the other person to try the bitter fruit for our company!” “I am also helping people investigate, and should be able to I got a result. Yesterday, a guy said that he wanted to talk to me. I knew that I would talk to him. Maybe I could catch the guy behind him. Unfortunately, my head was hot and I let the other person get out of the way. Otherwise, the old man Nader’s things may not be exposed today.” I finally began to regret that if I didn’t remember the money from the old Bernard’s hand, I’d wait for a period of time to collect enough money, and I’m not using it. Back to the black pot. Things have happened, and the most important thing to consider now is how to solve them. In fact, the best way is to agree to accept financing, and then select a few strong companies to cooperate with yourself, but Ye Dongqing knows that he can bear forbearance again, and then for two or three years, Facebook may be able to bring himself The return of tens of billions of dollars is really reluctant to give the cake to others now. He does not lack the money to maintain the expansion operation. Moreover, most of the news has now been passed out. If this time, the people will say, “In the days to come, people will say, “Oh, if you are scared, you will surrender, what business genius is simply weaker than a woman.” This is what Ye Dongqing can’t stand. Old Bernard fills the gap and makes him more uncomfortable. Retaliation is definitely necessary, but until now, Ye Dongqing’s helper in Washington’s area has not been able to find out who is playing the ghost, which makes him feel that it is necessary to change direction. Let Mr. McCord wait a minute, he took out his cell phone and made a phone call. He didn’t want to make this call. It was really no one on hand. When he was connected, he asked: “Little Edward?” I am right, I sincerely regret those things, I think you have nothing to do with it? What happe

the Chinese and Western return to the field after her cremation, hugged back to the ashes, Shen Fu Shen mother petty, and reluctant to buy a grave for her daughter, thrown in the garden Inside, dig a hole and bury it. After Shen’s hospitalization, the condition became more and more serious. When he was old, his body became more and more bad. Fortunately, he was a senior engineer of the textile factory. Social security medical treatment can be reimbursed. He does not need to pay for himself at his own expense. The mother frowned and lost her husband’s backing. She did not dare to succumb to her family. She went to the hospital alone to see the old man, and gave the old man a meal. After returning, she went up the stairs and took it lightly. She thought that her eldest son Shen Jiayong was still living. In the building, I remembered that Shen Jiayong had been driven crazy by her and had already lived in a psychiatrist. The courtyard went, Shen’s old house was empty, and the children moved out. Now they feel empty. If the big house is left with her old woman, it’s terrible, especially at night, Shen’s mother wants to Fear, one does not dare to live, she has to find a babysitter to accompany her all day, to quit the hourly work nurse. But it is also difficult to find a babysitter. She asked many nannies that they are not willing to be a live-in caregiver. They like to work as a babysitter. They don’t have to live in the elderly for a whole day. They are free and can return to their homes after work. Most of them are middle-aged women from other places who come to Shanghai to work in different places. They have different accents and their living habits are different from those of Shanghai people. Want to find a home caregiver, the salary has to be raised a little higher, and the mother of the sinker is older, the younger nanny is afraid to take risks, and Shen’s mother does not want to pay the agency fee of the housekeeping company. Helping to pay attention, finally finally found a nanny who is willing to live i

at the people’s eyes. He does not need to cover himself all the time. Therefore, Yan Sanniang, who stayed in this big account, saw all the changes on Lu Qian’s face. After a while, I was fascinated—faceless; stretched for a while—it seemed to be laughing; for a while, I was stunned—and I was proud of it for a while—the eyes were slightly stunned. It really seems like a department store, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, everything. Soon, Lu Qian waited for a small group of two. When the smashing into the big account, the first time I saw the intact sister, the whole person was relieved. “You are a flying tiger?” The first male voice came. When he looked up, he saw Lu Qianzheng looking at him with great interest. He looked at the present moment and saw the ceremony: “The villain is a good man. This time offended the enemy, and asked the big man to forgive sin!” Before he came to see Lu Qian, he first heard about it from the second place. Lu Qian didn’t like to call the big king and the two kings. He met with the leader. When Miao Sanniang over there saw her brother, she suddenly got up and thought that she was captured. But looking at it, it’s not a little blood. Dyeing, it is that there is no dust, and it is doubt. Lu Qian is also looking at Yu Cheng, a thing that makes soy sauce in the original, and the memory in his memory is slightly thinner. The time that the CCTV version of the otter has seen is too long, except for the characters. The famous ones are still impressive, and the rest are unforgettable. This is only to remember that people are fat, at least the face is like this. And the smashing in front of you has to be a little thin, at least from the posture can be seen as a martial arts person. “I Liangshanbo has a self-sense and a letter, so that the sister can rest in the Qiangzhai army for a day, but it is not a treat.” Lu Qian waved his hand, and the four pawns who had been standing behind the three mothers had retreated. This is what it means to let people go. “But I have to say more about the las

much efforts Zhao Hongxiang had made in order to win this project. Now he finally got the leadership’s reuse. Shen Jiaqi is very happy for him. “Jia Qi, you go Looking at the five younger brothers, how is his situation? Zhao Hongxiang asked Shen Jiahai about the situation. Shen Jiaqi condensed a smile and silenced for a long time. He did not speak immediately. Zhao Hongxiang looked at his wife’s face incorrectly. He guessed that Shen Hongxiang’s situation was not good. He carefully tested: “What happened to the five brothers?” Was he not very good before he went abroad? “Yeah, my five brothers have always been very good. I just received a call from Meijuan. I can’t believe this is a fact. Meijuan lied to me that the five brothers are in danger. I want to let us sink.” People hurry to the hospital to see him, only my big brother family and I went to visit my big brother, my parents, two sisters, three brothers did not go, Meijuan complained to them, Meijuan should not deceive us She is worried that she will not be serious. The Shen family will not go to see the five younger brothers. In fact, the five younger brothers are not ill, but have got lymphoma! “Lymphatic cancer?” “Zhao Hongxiang is very shocked. “Fortunately, early detection, cancer cells have not metastasized, doctors recommend immediate chemotherapy and radiotherapy! “Do they have money for both husband and wife?” Want us to support the economy a little bit? “No, I have already asked Meijuan. Meijuan said that the couple had been working in Japan for five years. They also had a little savings and could afford the treatment.” “Well, Jiaqi, if your mother needs money, you can support me if you can help me, as long as I can help you!” “Hong Xiang!” Shen Jiaqi is very feeling Moved, put down the chopsticks and held Zhao Hongxiang’s hand tightly. “We have been married for so many years. I really appreciate you. I have always understood me. When my mother was in trouble, you always supported me, helped me, and did not help my family.” Less money, this sentim

only a few miles away, but also often needed to cross many barren land along the way, so a caravan of thousands of people, although a large caravan. But not uncommon. Money can make a ghost push, and ink white flame naturally gets a legal pass. The pedestrians went all the way, without any hindrance. After Yang Qianye’s trip to the west for half a month, Li Yu’s side finally reluctantly bid farewell to the fifth Ling Ruo and the Xicheng friends, and set off for the Western Region. The child was born a month soon, and it has already been opened. The white and tender one is called a cute one. Especially the five children clamored together, this crying shouted, listening to the heart of Pan Niangzi, is simply a fairy music, listening to the heart. Now suddenly separated, the painful Pan Niang straight tears. Yang Siqi and Li Yu repeatedly persuaded her. After half a year, the fifth Ling will also go to Daisy to reunite with them, still reluctantly. Li Yu went to the Western Regions, and there were not many suites. In addition to several women in the family and his eldest son who is still breastfeeding, as well as the servant of the driver, only Yang Siqi, Bao Jiye, Chen Feiyang, Shitouer and Iron No Ring are five. As far as this lineup is concerned, there are only five peasants in the opening. To develop his Jixian hegemony, the road is long and far-reaching! The court dialed eight guards including the iron ring to escort him to take office, but the other seven are at least not yet entrusted. All the way, Li Yu also silently observed them, can be sent to accompany him to stay in the West, of course, in the military, not long to be seen by the chief. But don’t think that if you are not to be seen by your boss, you must have a true skill, but you will be squeezed out because of your temperament. There are so many talents that are not met. These people are without a doubt. There is a share of smuggling and smuggling, and it is impossible to endure hardships and hardships. Fortunately, there is iron and no ring, the

have always treated my sisters with my sister. If I have any thoughts on the two, I have already started.” “Not quite.” Wei Yang said. North and South ink wrinkled his eyebrows. “What is not true?” Wei Yang smiled and didn’t go on. …… After half a tour of the wine, the two men in the north and south have not yet returned, and they said to Wei Yang: “I went out to find them, what phone call is so long, I still don’t come back.” When going out of the deck, the foot is unstable, north and south. Ink almost fell a shit, and the wine was overweight. He grabbed the table and stabilized his body. He turned back and smiled at Wei Yang: “Nothing! The floor is slippery. I will go when I go.” Make a big swing and walk outwards. Wei Yang didn’t feel relieved about him, and he followed it. North and South ink came to the door of the bar and went around. This bar is the most luxurious and lively in Yuncheng. The surrounding environment is well arranged. It can be described by the small bridges. The north and south inks can’t find people in the parking lot on the left. If the call is not answered, he will come to the small park on the right. At the time, there were not many people in the small park. Everyone went to the bar. North and South ink went into a wooden floor road and turned along the bend. Finally, at the third corner, he saw Nanxun. Standing in front of a cluster of flowers, there is a handsome man in front of him, back to him is still backlit, his eyes are a little flower did not see who it is, but just find Nanxun just fine. Nanbei Mo happy to lift the foot is about to go up the stairs to go there, suddenly saw Nanxun carrying his hands and feet to kiss the man, and the man also leaned over to let Nanzhao get enough, Nanxun still happy to rush that The man laughs. I rely on! I rely on! I rely on! What did he see! My sister was kidnapped? So obedient! Waiting for the next second, picking up the sleeves and wanting to rush to the front of the rack, the north and south ink saw the man’s side coming over, the fac

tion him. Luo Badao was caught in the ocean of the people, he could only run. He robbed the bride’s nephew and ran away. He ran the scorpion of the landlord’s lord who went to the countryside to see the crop. He digs the ravine ditch. He drills the woods. He is in the mountain temple. He disdains with the scorpion, although he is now It’s like a cockroach… “Not reliable!” Running, from the morning dawn to the day to noon, and then to the sunset, Luo Badao suddenly realized. “They are not reliable! When Li Xiaochang and Li Dajun rebelled in Lizhou, there was no such thing as a prince! And Yang Qianye, the former princess…, dry! The hen can also scream Children? They can only cook and have children warm, and I am a hero who is the hero of the four great shackles of Daisy. I am following her.” Luo Badao did not run, he felt that he would run like this again. He will die very hard to see. When he touched a town yesterday, he was almost broken by a splash of bricks that wanted to get the money. He suddenly blessed his soul and felt that he had to set a plan for his future goals. Correct! Just have a plan! This term was also learned when he was at the East Palace. How can I plan my future? Luo Badao sat on the head of the country. On the left hand side was a grave that was buried in the edge of the ridge. Someone had just been to the grave. Three graves were added on the top and a pile of manure on the right. Luo Badao is sitting in the middle, unkempt as if a wise man. The Buddha sat quietly under the Bodhi tree for many years, and he became a world leader. Dharma has been on the wall for nine years and has become a master. Wang Yangming saw the bamboo for seven days and stood up to school. Luo Badao… He took a ripe wheat, slammed it hard, chewed it down, then put his head on the grave, his feet on the dung heap, listening to the sound of the wheat waves, starting for him. In the future, he has been mobilized for years, and there are already some rusty brains… Chapter 513 The narrow family of Li Jialu, as t

iastic figure, he asked: “Where did the boss go?” “She.” “Hey! The girl came over today? What are you buying?” The boss just wanted to answer. Sumi heard the familiar trick, and when she looked up, she saw the passionate boss who opened the curtain and walked from the back room to the shop. “I just asked the shopkeeper where you went. Today, I still come to buy clothes for our mother three. The big sister will take a few pieces to see it.” Sumi liked this chubby boss, and said with a smile now. . “Then you talk first, I went to the back of Bukuri to see.” The treasurer saw the two met, and after greeting, went outside. “Isn’t the sister bought three pieces of clothes yesterday?” asked the boss. In ordinary people’s homes, there are many people who don’t buy a piece of clothing for a few years. Seeing that Sumi and the children’s clothes are not like those who are rich and wealthy, so she has such a question. “The big sister doesn’t know. I have counted the two sets of clothes that I wear with my child. I took the same valuable things at home today, changed some money, and thought about buying two pieces of changing clothes for my children, even if it is If you have a hard time, you can’t help but wear clothes.” Sumy said calmly. When the proprietress listened to this, she had more sympathy and compassion. “Sister, what about your man?” “My family just passed away a few days ago, and now I am living with two children.” Sumi faint Said. “Hey, sister, you lick me this mouth is good to say, don’t go to the heart, come here, isn’t the girl looking at the clothes? Big sister will take it for you, then you come to my store to buy things, big sister It’s your 30% discount!” The proprietress was also a soft-hearted one, thinking that she had talked about Sumy’s sadness and quickly opened the subject. “Then I will thank the proprietress first.” Sumi did not care, I heard that I could give a discount and thank you. “Hey! My husband’s family name is Zhou, you call me Zhou Sister, you are waiting, I will give you clothes n

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